The Best Rattail Haircut For Men And How To Get It


The rattail haircut is characterized by a long strand of hair growing downwards from the back of the head. The strand of hair looks like a “tail” and that is why it is called a rattail haircut. The haircut is associated with those who want to remain “different” or a “rebel”. It is related to the modern mullet haircut as it is popular with similar demographics and was most popular in the 1980s and 1990s. It also shares the basic characteristics of having longer hair on the back of the head.

The rattail can be worn by men or women but is most commonly seen in men. It can be worn by people of all ages. Recently it has become popular with kids and is part of punk fashion. The haircut can be worn with natural hair, or it can be braided, straightened, curled, or poofed. It is often combined with dyeing the tail with a different colour. Another variation of the haircut is where more than one tail is grown instead of just a single tail.

How To Grow A Rattail Haircut?

There are a couple of basic strategies when trying to grow a rattail. One is to let your hair grow longer from all the sides and then get a haircut leaving out a tail strand of hair. The other is to have the rattail grow out while keeping other areas short or shaven. With the strategy of only growing out, keep in mind that there might be an awkward stage where the tail is not long enough to look like a rattail. It would look more like a haircut gone wrong. Hair grows at about half an inch per month, so it might take a few months for the haircut to take shape.

How To Style It?

As you would expect, there are different ways to style it. One of the major things you can do is to style the tail with either curling it, straightening it, or perming it. You can also accessorize it with braids and pins. To style a rattail using a bobby pin, you can use your hands to divide the rattail into 3 sections and then knotting them together with a bobby pin at the end to hold it together. This will give it a neat and tidy braided look. In a variation of this hairstyle, you can pin roll and pin the hairstyle into a bun at the back of the head.

While the majority of the style variations of the rattail are going to revolve or play around with different variations. For the sides, you can with a tapered or different type of shaved looks. Going for shaved hairlines and patterns are common with a rattail and gives a modern and trendy look to the overall hairstyle.


The rattail is a distant cousin of the mullet with several similarities. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is going to stand out and be noticed, the rattail is the right haircut for you. Those who are into punk fashion will also appreciate the style. You can do with a lot of different variations of the haircut. Overall, the haircut is trendy and is not too difficult to maintain or style.


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