The Best Plugins for Pro and Aspiring Authors


If your company still doesn’t have a blog, you should really consider making one aspiring authors. There are many pros when it comes to blogging, and it will definitely benefit your business in the long run. Now, on your blog, you can have many different pieces of content, but it’s important you tie it into your industry or niche. Except for being able to reach different audiences and demographics, a blog allows you to catch the attention of business partners and content creators.


In addition, it’s a great idea to implement author boxes on your blog and display your name and names of other content creators or guest authors. It’s important to credit every creator on your website as it allows any visitors to clearly see the author. 


Best Plugins for Authors

Simple Author Box Pro

The first plugin on our list is Simple Author Box Pro which really is as simple and as straightforward as it gets. It allows you to easily add a customizable and responsive author box anywhere on your site where you might want it.

Furthermore, it will display the author’s name, gravatar, description, and more. With it, you can assign guest authors with no hassle and assign posts to multiple authors. Such a feature is incredibly useful if you have multiple authors or a team working on the same post. In addition, you can set author boxes to automatically appear on certain posts or hide them on others. 


The design of your website is one of the most important things for new visitors, so aspiring authors is a great thing that Simple Author Box Pro allows you to customize your author boxes and make them seamlessly match the blog. You can design it manually and play with different colors or use one of the pre-made templates. Plus, you can set any font family or size you want.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this plugin works perfectly with WordPress and has a Gutenberg block, so you don’t have to worry if you’ll know how to set it up, especially if you are a beginner.


UnderConstructionPage +Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

The following plugins are similar in features and their purpose, which is to hide your website aspiring authors while it is being built or maintained. However, that doesn’t mean your website will be down and inaccessible; it means your visitors will reach a coming soon page that lets them know what’s going on.


Aside from giving your visitors a heads up, both UnderConstructionPage and Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode allow you to build your email list and collect leads while working on your site. Moreover, both plugins offer you stunning themes or templates that you can use as your coming soon or under construction page.

In addition, UnderConstructionPage provides you with affiliate and traffic tracking; you can generate tracked inbound links and share them on your social media or with your affiliates. 


Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode offers you a great SEO setup that will help you bring in traffic with built-in tests, checks, and guidelines.


All in all, having a blog is something all companies and businesses should look into, as the list of benefits is a long one. Not only will it bring in more visitors or customers, but it will also allow you to spread your business and reach partners, fellow creators, and sponsors.


Once you create a blog, don’t forget to add author boxes to your posts to display and credit all authors and guest posters that you may have.


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