The best Minecraft Texture Packs of 2022


There is no doubt that without the best texture packs being downloaded and installed, your graphics
are always likely to fall short. Even if you are using the best Minecraft shaders around, it is crucial to
strike a balance. In other words, you also need to consider the possibility of using a premium texture
pack. With such a combination, you have a fair chance of creating a world that you have always

The problem is that finding premium texture packs that can bring about high-quality graphics is not
an easy task. For instance, you can comb the entire online community searching for resource packs
like these without any tangible success. There is no need to go through such stress as you have
come to the right place. This article will reveal some of the best texture packs that can help turn the
Minecraft world into something very special. They are as good as the best Minecraft shaders. Check
them out below.

How You Install Texture Packs

o Download the chosen resource pack. Minecraft texture packs can be found at sites
o Have Minecraft started. Options should be clicked on
o Look for Resource Packs and have it clicked on
o Locate the Open Resource Packs Folder and click on it
o The texture pack which has been downloaded should be put into the folder. This can be done by
dragging it.
o That is it!


This texture pack tends to bring something of high quality into the world of Minecraft. Of course, a
pack with twice the resolution of vanilla Minecraft is always expected to deliver something delicious.
It is all about – giving your world an artistic feel that has never been seen before. For instance, you
will notice the faces of skeletons looking spookier. In a nutshell, this texture pack is perfect for
players who want their worlds to appear classic.


Faithful is another 32×32 resolution texture pack, just like Depixel explained above. The name
“faithful” means that although it improves your world, it doesn’t compromise the game’s original
features. This is because the parts that vanilla is known for are still very much intact. It is a great
texture that will ensure your world looks refreshing in terms of visuals. It brings in simple but
noticeable changes.

Luna HD 

There is something most players do not know about Luna HD. This is because it comes with a very
high resolution of 512×512. This means that you will need a very high-end pc to experience its
features firsthand in terms of performance. It has the potential or capacity to make your world appear
very realistic. After using this texture pack, there is every reason to believe that you wouldn’t want to
stick with the default Minecraft textures again.

LB Photo Realism Reload

There are indeed different HD texture packs that have been introduced into Minecraft. However, you
need to understand that LB Photo Realism Reload is steps ahead of many the game has ever
known. You will notice the visuals do not just improve. However, they are in high resolution. These
could be items such as trees, sky, wood, villagers, and animals.

RTX Pack

Have you always dreamt of having a texture pack that addresses the ray tracing aspect of
Minecraft? Well, such fantasies or dreams are about to come true. With the RTX texture pack, your
world will be looking very much improved in terms of graphics. This is much better than what the
most reputable Minecraft shaders can offer. Again, please note that it isn't compatible with low-end
PCs due to its very high resolution of 1024 x 1024.

Compliance 64x

Compliance 64x is one of those texture packs that people do not talk about too often. However,
there is no doubt that it can transform your world and make it look extraordinary. If you have always
loved the game’s default look, this is the suitable texture pack. This is because of how it manages to
maintain the game’s default and original style. Everything that it brings is moderate and minimal.


Too many texture packs tend to address the game’s RPG style. This is why the creator of Faithless,
ItsStitchyYT, definitely deserves lots of credit for coming up with this one. It takes the game’s visuals
to a whole new level. Its colors are very vibrant as well as lively. Despite such improvement, they
remain a perfect fit for any Minecraft surrounding. If you want a pack that doesn’t bring too much
difference, this is one you can trust.


At the mention of this texture pack, lots of ideas will be running through your mind. You will never
know what it can offer unless you decide to use it in your world firsthand. Imagine your world feeling
much darker during night periods. You will notice how entities have become scarier. This texture
goes beyond providing realistic visuals. It is also all about making the game of Minecraft more engaging.


Have you always loved any of those classic video games? Are you wondering whether such can be
introduced into Minecraft? Well, there is no need to try to imagine things again. This is because
bloom texture makes such happen. Your world will look like those video game worlds of the 90s.
Please note that only blocks are going to be altered. Thus, entities will remain the same. In a
nutshell, the bloom texture pack brings in retro pixelated effects.

John Smith Legacy

One of the best parts about John Smith's Legacy is that it is regularly updated. The implication of this
is that such a pack will have all the necessary features to give you the ultimate gaming experience.
Even weapons and armors are going to look impressive. The textures are toned down and tend to
look good. It will be much easier to spot items in your world. A trial will convince you about this


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