The Best Direction To Lay Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring for home
Wooden flooring for home

A wooden floor is considered the strongest and safest least option for furnishing your room very well. The wooden floor completely looks natural and beautiful and durable. If your home is too old, it is a good decision for you to furnish your floor with a wooden floor. 

Wooden flooring is a great choice for your floor because it is hygienic and it is non-toxic. Wooden floors are much more comfortable in all types of weather especially in cold months because a wooden floor feels like a heater than a carpet. 

If you want to fix wooden flooring in your home for your room you should understand the direction and designs. Choose the best colour which is suitable for you because there are many different colours and designs available in wooden flooring. Nowadays wood floors are very popular and most people choose these types of floors, but most people are wondering to know Which way to lay wood flooring. 

Which Direction To Lay Wood Flooring

Before fixing the wooden floor you should focus on the direction of the floor which is a suitable direction for your room floor. Now it’s time to discuss what direction to lay wood flooring?

The best wooden flooring in Dubai is always laid at a 90-degree angle but many people choose different types of directions like parallel horizontal vertical etc. 

In your whole house, it’s up to you which room you want and which type of direction of the wood floor because it is not necessary to lay wood floors only one direction you may choose another direction. Now, have a look at the direction in which you can lay wood floors. 


Mostly hardwood floors are laid in a straight direction. This type of pattern looks good in appearance and it is the most common direction which people use. A straight direction of hardwood looks room length larger. 

Side to side  

If your room length is short or narrow you can choose a side-to-side direction of the hardwood floor because it appears room larger and gives a modern look to your room. 


Zigzag direction is acceptable in both types of the room length, longer or shorter. The zigzag direction looks good and feels like styling.


There are several designs in hardwood floor patterns. A pattern wood floor looks complicated in appearance but good in appearance. 


The diagonal floor makes the room look interesting without taking up a huge space. By fixing diagonal hardwood, the room looks extremely great and excellent.

Random width

Random pattern fixing involves a mixture of boards and edges. The way of fixing random patterns has an amazing impact on your house.


The look of the herringbone is classic and this type of pattern is fixed in the form of a diagonal zigzag. To see the working of the wooden flooring see


Here we discuss all the directions of wooden floors and we give an opinion on how you make your room look good and beautiful and also share an idea of how the room can appear larger with which style or design. The best direction of laying wooden flooring is perpendicular but many people disagree with this idea and they chose another direction.


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