The Best $10,000 Supreme Dream Machine Gaming PC Build – October 2021


The “Cost is No Object” Gaming PC!

In case you’re hoping to construct the quickest, most attractive, most-astonishing PC on earth paying little heed to spending plan, then, at that point, this is the best one for you! Not at all like TBG’s different forms, this one isn’t even distantly about execution per dollar. The unparalleled objective here is to show you the most extreme exhibition you can get from a gaming PC utilizing simply the absolute best parts accessible. We ordinarily mean to hit a $10,000 spending plan, yet on the off chance that you need to ask precisely the amount it is, all things considered, this most likely isn’t the best form for you to check it out.

The current Month’s Build, Featuring A Whole Lot of AMD!

For October 2021, this framework offers the absolute best gaming parts you can discover anyplace. Profoundly, 32-string monster that is just great at everything. As far as the GPU, we propose not one, but rather two fluid cooled Radeon RX 6900 “XTX” models with support timekeepers past 2500MHz!

As far as capacity, the Supreme Dream Machine includes a 4TB PCIe Gen 4.0 7000MB/s-class SSD as the fundamental drive, in addition to a 4TB PCIe Gen 4.0 5000MB/s-class SSD for game and media stockpiling, for a sum of 8TB of madly quick limit. For RAM, we go similarly as outrageous, furnishing this framework with 128GB of DDR4-3600 RAM. Controlling this framework is a 1500W Titanium-evaluated power supply, and for the case, we go with the super master Phanteks Enthoo 719. At long last, keeping this framework cool is a huge 420mm AIO fluid cooler from Arctic.

Last Thoughts

In case you’re searching for a definitive peripherals to use with this framework, including the best gaming screen at any point delivered, simply look down to the furthest limit of this aide. We give connects to Amazon and Newegg all through this aide, and all of our Amazon connections will auto-convert for perusers in the UK, Canada, and portions of the EU, with provincial replacements made when essential. To assist with supporting the proceeded with improvement of this aide, kindly utilize the connections we give on the off chance that you buy items we suggest!


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