The 10 Most Expensive Tequila Bottles in the World


The primary Expensive Tequila was made in the sixteenth century and hails from the blue agave plant that is fundamentally cultivated around the encompassing area of Tequila, which is found roughly 40 miles northwest of the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Just blue agave plants can be utilized for the development of this liquor and no other type of agave plant family. It is ordinarily made with a 38% liquor content, which is identical to 76 U.S. verification, which is what the future holds utilization, in any case, U.S. regulation expects that it contains somewhere around 40% (80 proof) liquor for deals in the U.S. The beverage is most frequently served in a shot structure, presented with salt and lime as a chaser, (the most widely recognized serving structure across the world), despite the fact that it tends to be utilized in a few blended drinks also.

Like with most types of liquor, there are containers of liquor that are more costly than others. What figures out which brands and jugs sell for pretty much not entirely settled by the manner by which it was handled, as well as the manner in which it was packaged, regardless of whether the actual container, is more intricate and extravagant than the normal jug you’d find in a store. Assuming you have ever which brands and jugs of Tequila were the most costly, continue to peruse to realize what the 10 most costly Tequila bottles on the planet are:

10. Gran Patron – $250

Certain individuals could depict Tequila as a solid, practically unpleasant preference for a liquor drink, nonetheless, Gran Patron has put in any amount of work to make one of the smoothest tasting Tequilas on the planet. This Tequila has been triple-refined and matured, eliminating its normal tone to uncover fresh, clear alcohol for tasting. Not exclusively is simply the alcohol a wonderful illustration of one of the most famous cocktails on the planet, yet the container is flawless also. Each exceptionally formed bent jug of the Gran supporter brand Tequila is wrapped in velvet then, at that point, bundled in a violin-quality, hand-made, wood box that is made of fine maple wood. Each container sells for $250.

9. Wear Julio Real Tequila – $350

Wear Julio Gonzalez had a fantasy, and that was to cultivate every agave plant himself and watch out for everything about his plants so he could make the best Tequila. From the planting to the gathering, refining, and maturing process, not entirely settled to make the nature of his Tequila abrogate amount, which he has succeeded very well with. Wear Julio has made a few kinds of Tequila, nonetheless, his Real Tequila is one of the most preferred. Genuine Tequila is matured for three to five years in American white-oak barrels and when it has been considered prepared for packaging, what you see is a grand brilliant tint in the alcohol’s shading. What you’ll taste are traces of vanilla, caramel, and chocolates, with a lowlight of almond in the blend. This is an exceptionally erotic Tequila and it is Gonzalez’s unparalleled delight, which is the reason he has packaged it in the wonderful container that is enhanced on top with the leaves of the agave plant. A jug of the Real Tequila sells at a top of the line cost of $350.

8. Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila – $360

Made in 1990, the Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila is an incomparable Tequila that offers you a smooth completion after each taste. The flavor comes from the manner in which the agave plant is gathered, with the pina, or heart of the plant being taken from the leaves. It’s cooked for more than 24 hours in block and stone broilers before it is embarked to mature for quite a long time. The Tequila has not just won the hearts of numerous Tequila devotees and honors all over the planet as being truly outstanding, yet it has really won grants, including the 2012 Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A jug of the Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila sells for $360.

7. Tres-Quatro-Cinco Tequila – $379

Enrique Fonseca is a prestigious Tequila maker, and his achievements are perceived similar to an expert distiller, draftsman, and expert blender of 30% long term, 40% long term, and 30% long term Expensive Tequila that are all shrewdly and particularly matured in French oak barrels for the most ideal flavor in his Tequila image. The flavor and fragrances are supposed to be awesome and all are packaged in very good quality, premium precious stone decanters that were explicitly planned and actually endorsed by the notorious Mexican craftsman, Alonso Gonzalez Jr. They are a genuine work of art that is exceptionally fitting for the extravagant Tequila that is housed inside everyone. Each jug of this brand sells for $379, making it one of the most costly jugs of Tequila around the world.

6. Rey Sol Anejo Tequila – $400

You will absolutely be roused by only the container alone. Just sublime and captivating, Rey Sol Anejo has figured out how to bottle daylight. Established in 1886 by Don Delfino Gonzalez, the expert of this Tequila domain ages its Tequila in French oak barrels for at least 5 years to draw out the most lovely kinds of caramel, vanilla, and zest to tempt the bed. It’s a smidgen of daylight on the tongue, which is what the future holds, with the extraordinarily planned, grinning radiant jug. This container sells for $400 each.

5. Clase Azul Extra Anejo (Ultra) Tequila $1,700

So uncommon thus incomparable, just 100 units of this Tequila were made, 50 for the U.S. what’s more 50 for Mexico. This brand of Tequila was created by the Productos Finos de Agave Distillery and is made of 100 percent Tequilliana Weber Blue Agave. Once collected and refined, it is set in Sherry oak barrels to mature for a long time before it is at last packaged in the best, delightfully high-quality clay decanters that include 24-karat gold alongside unadulterated Silver ‘Ley.925’ and Platinum paint. Regardless of whether you intend to please yourself in the alcohol or protect it as an authority of fine mixers, you will be more than happy by everything concerning this eminent Expensive Tequila that sells for an amazing $1,700.

4. 1800 Coleccion Tequila – $1,800

What would you be able to say about a brand of Tequila so perfect that it warrants a cost of $1,800 a container? Just that any authority who needs to claim something to truly grandstand, this is it. The Beckmann family possesses the 1800 Coleccion brand, alongside the Jose Cuervo brand, which is one of the most conspicuous names in Tequila, notwithstanding, this is their premium and it is named after the year that Tequila initially was matured in oak barrels. The 1800 Tequila is one of 9 assortments made by the organization and it’s packaged in a Belgian gem bottle managed in pewter and put in a calfskin case, which all by itself, is pretty much as sumptuous as the Expensive Tequila. Each jug sells for $1,800 and is quite possibly the most costly Tequila of all time.

3. Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio Tequila – $2,000

This is a restricted version of Tequila that was made with 100 percent Blue Agave and presentations the distiller’s creativity in knowing exactly how to handle the plant, how to distill and once again distill until it is as of now overflowing with flavor, then, at that point, age the item in pricey wood barrels, similar to Cherry wood, Acacia and Esche. This specific variant matured for quite a long time in French Limousin oak barrels, then, at that point, packaged in craftsman glass vessels that stand 17 inches tall and are adorned with 21-karat Gold letters and dazzling painted-on sun. The stunning jugs were intended to make you aware of this brand’s legacy. This is one of the best Expensive Tequila on the planet. With just 2,000 containers of this Tequila created every year, it conveys a powerful sticker price to go with it, selling for $2,000 a jug.

2. AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto Tequila – $2,800

We’re down to the second most costly Tequila bottles accessible. At $2,800, AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto Tequila is matured in French oak barrels for a considerable length of time and is classically dated, and each jug is marked and numbered. This is an extremely restricted version of this brand, being however selective as it could be. The Tequila was handled and matured in Port Wine barrels that contain undeniable degrees of sugar, which gives the alcohol added pleasantness, making it a fine, tasting drink. The jugs are made in Italy. They are independently high quality and each a work of art and a sumptuous decanter that is worn with a lovely precious stone plug.

1. Super Premium Ley .925 Pasion Azteca Tequila – $225

Here we go, the main most costly Tequila bottle, Ultra-Premium Ley.925 Pasion Azteca Expensive Tequila. It has a worth of $225 and is produced using the Blue Agave plant’s unadulterated sap. When the refining system has been done, this Tequila is matured for quite a long time. The container makes this alcohol truly remain solitary. It is two-pieced. Piece one, is 100 percent handmade of unadulterated platinum, while the other piece is unadulterated white gold. What keeps the pieces intact is a platinum seal. This lovely creative decanter is a genuine show-stopper and ice breaker, and it is one that each authority ought to have in his assortment.


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