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People are wondering about the new technology Tele icu. There are lots of questions being asked about this medical technology. Therefore we are going to present a brief article on this technology so that they get benefited with this technology. Let’s start its complete detail. 


What is tele ICU?

Saying it simply would be like a tele icu make clinicians capable of interacting with the clients on besides the hospital settings and the patient can get doctor consultation and care by expert doctors even from lying away from them. There needs to be one centralized team that will use the electronic transfer of information through ICU machines. Doctors exchange this health information in real-time. But keep in it mind that a tele icu is a supplement not any replacement for the staff of clinical care experts. 


How tele ICU works?

The tele Icu programs help in concentrating the clinical resources of remote care centers so you can call it a central monitoring facility. It helps in extending all those sources which work beside the bed of the ICU. People get independent from the hospital’s location and getting restricted at one place. By using real-time data stream and A/V conferencing of patient information, the doctor can care for that patient even from far areas such as sitting in New Jersey and taking care of patients in Seattle. The connectivity of this ICU helps people in getting consistent and intervention care that is maintained with best practices in the patient’s life. 


Calculating the value:

The users of tele ICU are saying that it not only managing the effective regional management in ICUs but is also causing a huge positive impact on the overall health care system. When you have a centralized monitor remote patient system then this provides an overall ability to standardize and consolidate care. It reduces the transfers of patients by maximizing the use of beds and supports the bedside staff greatly.  It helps to reduce the costs of treatments and ICU utilities. Furthermore, it enhances revenues, capacity management in systems, and patient flows. 


Are tele ICUs really cost-effective?

In 2017, there was research conducted on checking the worth of the Tele ICU that either they are worthy of effectiveness or not? This research checked almost 51000 patients across 7 tele icus. Many other studies looked at the benefits of tele icus such as decreased rate of mortality and time to stay alive getting longer. But this study revealed the financial benefits too. The results of this research showed:

  1. An ICU which was maintained with the help of tele icu, was more good at maintaining the health of patients 21% more. 
  2. Those ICUs which were centralized with tele ICU were contributing more margins up to 376%. This happened because of shorter lengths of stay, Increased case volume, higher case revenue related to direct costs. 
  3. When tele icus were co-located in a logistic center for improving bed utilization, they resulted in getting a significant change for improved case volume up to 38%. 
  4. A tele icu with quality care standardization and added logistic centers enhanced the contribution margins up to 665%.
  5. Moreover, this delivery model also showed that capital costs changed in less than three months for the ICU telemedicine program. 


Benefits for small families through Tele ICU:

Now we have arrived at the decision that tele icu can give huge amounts of profit and benefits to people of all over the world. It has potentially reduced costs. In the previous times, its implementation was not really easy but now the time has changed. It is being available to everyone. The model is attainable everywhere at a very suitable cost. There is no restriction on it because of staff responsibilities, machine size, or some technical capacities.

There are different tele icus that are working for the betterment of patients. Many organizations are providing the bed care plan through tele  in different areas. Small families can get critical care through the least investments in tele icu brands. Many strategic partnerships, clinical leaders, and executives can help to complement and mobilize the recent capabilities for implementing a tele. These ICU options can give you financially sustainable options. 

By leveraging the tele ICU capabilities, all the hospitals can use critical care resources without even adding the burden of additional resources. In fact, do you guys know that the idea of the tele Icu was made to increase the resources and for preparation of a large scale of ICU usage? Different studies have shown that the financial and clinical benefits of tele ICU have become a continuous stream for captured patient data through tele programs. They can make the health systems more evidence-based approach to all the population of health. 


The future approach of hospital settings through tele ICU:

Current ICU:

Current ICUs are providing the following things;

  • 5.7M people can be admitted to the hospital through the use of  annually.
  • A 35% shortfall in intensivists was predicted in the year 2020. 
  • 15% increase was made in bed growth with an average cost of 2M dollars per bed. 

Future tele ICUs 

In the future, the tele will make the following differences;

  • There will be a 20% reduction in the rate of mortality.
  • You will see a 30% reduction in the overall length of stay.
  • An amazing change would be that there will be no need to transfer patients here and there. People will see a 37% reduction in transferring patients. 


Ending notes:

As of now, we all are aware of the current pandemic situation of Covid-19. You guys know that due to deadly waves of covid, any time the hospital may become full from the crowd of patients. In such times, there should be technology such as Tele ICU as you can see the above benefits of this centralized system. The covid patients and other health problem patients do not need to go anywhere or in search of experts. They can get medical or clinical care just by sitting at one place. Believe us it’s an outstanding advancement in the world of medical technology. 


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