summer wells human remains found


summer wells human remains found

Sometimes, a terrible crime moment has opened the door for a possible surprising development in human history. The discovery of two human corpses from the Empire State Building 28 years ago was one of those incredibly rare moments.

Earlier in June, a well on a construction site in Willoughby, Ohio found human remains on the ground. According to officials, they are believed to be related to Michael Coe – a man missing since 2010.

Summer Wells Human Remains found two months ago

Two human remains that were found months ago in the rural town of Summer Wells have finally been identified as those of a mother and her young daughter.
The remains were discovered on July 9th when local officers went to check on a report of a disturbance near the creek. When they arrived, they found the bodies of 39-year-old Deborah Bradshaw and her six-month old daughter, Ava.
Ava was still strapped into her infant seat at the time of her death.

At this point in the investigation, officials say that it appears that the mother and daughter died from some form of violence, although they are not sure what caused it.
However, investigators say they do not believe that either of them were sexually assaulted or murdered.
Deborah’s husband, who is also 39 years old and lives away in another state, was reportedly not in any way involved in their deaths.

The murders have rocked the small community of Summer Wells and left many people feeling rattled.
Anyone with information about what happened to Deborah and Ava is asked to please contact local authorities.

Six months since her disappearance

Six months have passed since the disappearance of Paige Dossey, and her family is still searching for answers. On July 10th, Paige left her home in Grady County, GA to go for a run, but never arrived back. Since that time, authorities have been working hard to find any clues as to what may have happened to her.

Paige’s family has set up a website in order to keep people updated on the ongoing investigation. The website has a blog section where updates about the case are posted. Recently, the website released an update about the discovery of human remains near Paige’s home. At this point, it is not clear whether these are Paige’s remains or not.

The Dosseys are doing their best to stay hopeful and keep their spirits high while they wait for more information. They would love to find out what happened to their daughter and hope that whoever is responsible will be brought to justice.

Preliminary identification

Summer wells are a common occurrence in Texas. These wells are typically located in dry areas and are used to irrigate crops. In recent weeks, human remains have been found at several of these wells. Preliminary identification has revealed that the remains are those of Hispanics.

The discovery of these bodies has provoked alarm in the Hispanic community in Texas. Many of these individuals had recently immigrated to the state, and many were undocumented immigrants. The individuals may have feared for their safety and chosen to flee to other parts of the country rather than face possible deportation.

As investigations into these deaths continue, it is hoped that more information will be released about what led to their deaths. Until then, the Hispanic community in Texas will continue to feel vulnerable and uncertain about their safety.

The arrest of Don Wells in connection with her disappearance

On July 5th, 2019, Don Wells was arrested and charged with the murder of Summer Welles. The arrest comes after investigators found human remains on Wells property. Wells is currently in custody and is being held without bond

The arrest of Don Wells has finally brought some much-needed closure to the families of Kerry and Megan Wells. Wells was arraigned on Wednesday and has been charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder in the deaths of Kerry and Megan.

According to investigators, Wells abducted the two sisters from a remote trailhead in central Oregon on June 17, 2009. He transported them into the wilderness, where he allegedly subjected them to brutal physical and sexual abuse before violently murdering them.

Wells is also accused of raping Megan during their captivity.
The family of Kerry and Megan has long suspected that Wells was responsible for their daughters’ disappearance, but they were never able to bring charges against him due to lack of evidence. The arrest of Wells is a relief not only for the Well’s families, but also for law enforcement agencies who have been tirelessly investigating their case for years.

Don Wells is questioned by the police

Don Wells is questioned by the police after the discovery of human remains in a well on his property. Wells insists that he had no knowledge of the body, and that he had never seen the person before. He is released without charges after providing paperwork documenting his ownership of the land.

Don Wells is interviewed by the police after a human skull and bones were found at his property in Newcastle over the weekend. Wells had been working on his dig site when he made the discovery and informed the police who arrived to find human remains. He was interrogated and released without charge.
The well-known archaeologist has now spoken about his find, saying that he is “100% sure” it is someone who has died in recent times.

Commenting on the development, Wells said: “I’m absolutely gobsmacked. I’d been out there for hours and just sat down to have a cup of tea and I heard some shouting so I went outside to see what was going on and saw the police cars pulling up.

“There was a cop on foot going over the site with some other officers, then they came back with a dog and started to search around. After about 15 minutes they went back to their car and left.

“I don’t think they’d even got out of their cars when I rang the station to tell them what I’d found. The next thing I knew, an officer was at my door asking if I wanted to talk to them


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