Strategies To Pull Out Website Content Duplication


If you are stressed about the problems that you are facing because of content duplication then you must read this entire post. Content duplication has gotten common today and this is major because of the amount of content published on the web every turning day. 

Today you can be accused of content duplication even if you are not copying content from another person. Yes! You can be accused of plagiarism if your content accidentally matches that of another writer which is quite possible today. There are multiple reasons behind the occurrence of duplication but we are not going to discuss the petty reasons today. In this post, we have collected some of the best strategies that can help you pull out content duplication like a pro.

Popular Strategies To Pull Out Website Content Duplication!

As technology is advancing we are also getting helpful solutions to fight off problems like plagiarism. Today there are dozens of different ways using which you can pull out content duplication but in this section, we are also going to tell you about the most helpful and effective ones. 

  • Using a plagiarism checker 

One of the best ways to pull out content duplication is by using online plagiarism checkers. Plagiarism tools are the cloud-based programs that are today being offered by dozens of websites. A plagiarism tool can help you check for plagiarism and provide you duplication results in percentage by highlighting the duplicate content. You can make your content unique by removing highlighted content by the tool. Furthermore, modern-day plagiarism detectors can scan textual data, complete documents files, and also complete websites and pages for duplication. So, if you want to pull out content duplication from your work, it is suggested you use the best plagiarism tool and you are good to go.

  • Practice Taxonomy 

This is another simple way of pulling out duplication. Taxonomy is the deep analysis of your website for finding out whether you have new, existing, or rephrased content on your web pages. You need to map out all the content, headings and highlight the keywords you are targeting for your site. Organizing all these elements would help you refrain from duplicating the stuff you have already developed and published on the web. This is a manual strategy and so it can take some time for you to complete the taxonomy. 

  • Using canonical tags

A popular reason behind content duplication is that you are repurposing old content published on your site. Using canonical tags is one of the best strategies that can help you combat duplicate content situations like these. If you are repurposing or rewriting content that is published on your site or that of another site then you can use canonical tags. There are two types of canonical tags; there are ones that would point traffic away from a page and then there are those who would point to a certain page. Those canonical tags that point away to another page tell the search engine that the original or master version of content is published over there. You can easily pull out content duplication issues with the help of these tags.

  • Use redirects

Redirecting is a very common technique that can help you pull out content duplication. Hundreds of sites today are using redirects to get rid of content duplication. You can easily redirect traffic to the main version of your content with the help of redirect tags. This technique or strategy can only be used if you are copying and reusing your content. In situations like these, you can add a redirect tag to the page where you are getting more traffic. 301 redirects are commonly used to fight off self-content duplication.

  • Adding no index Meta tags 

Another technical strategy that can help you pull out content duplications is using a Meta tag. Meta tags are very important as they tell search engines whether you want to index a page, exclude a certain page from indexing and allow granular blocking for a page. Now if you have duplicated content from another resource and don’t want it to cause duplication issues then we would suggest you add no-index Meta tags to that page. This would instruct the search engine to exclude the duplicate content and pages from its search results. Check more

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the popular tactics you can use to avoid and pull out content duplication!


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