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It is the education of creations, structure, functioning of human social problems and society. Sociology is the study of social science concerned with society’s human relationship and behavior. The work of art is various. It can cover everything from race, crime, social class, poverty, law, education, and other theoretical winder issues like the effects of thought change on society.  

According to Durkheim and Auguste Comte, the term sociology is considered a science due to its adoptions and applies the scientific method. As the study of social problems using scientific procedures in the education of its work of art, sociology is considered a Science.

In 1830 Frenchman Auguste Compte was the first man who had used the term sociology when he suggests a natural science combining complete information about human activity.

An example of sociology is a feature that is the education of community-based institutions that have essential images creations of groups or that affecting daily public lives, the current situation of the globe, or combination into the community. Some common examples of sociology are Schools and religious institutes.

Types of Sociology:

There are mainly three types of Sociology points of view, which are given below with specific descriptions.

The supporting point of view:

According to a mental state, the community is an organism of networking parts that combine work to make continuity a state of equality and community-based equilibrium for the entire.

Every community-based institutions have to do their role for significant support for the society. The supporting point of view highlights the community’s networking by focusing on knowing about every part’s effects and effects of other factors. It is the example of a single-family, earning both of them and having no time for their children during their education because their children fail in the schools.

The Argument Point of view:

As the community is a combination of various groups, and attentiveness comparison for energy and available sources. It describes our community-based world’s different characteristics by looking at those who have authority and advantages from the specific social organization. 

The base of the argument point of view can be checked to the classic function of Karl Marx.

Max guided those whole communities have to cross the stages of financial development. According to the Hallmark of the capital system, all city’s progress from agricultural to industrial fields covers all life requirements that changed by concerned profit-making.

According to Marx’s suggestions, religion can serve as an opiate of the masses. It feels calms from the distress and suffering linked with the sustainable lifestyle and focuses on the workers, full attention on concern with the human spirit almighty God.

The representative integrationist point of view:

It affects the micro-sociological point of view. It was vitally influenced by philosophers and sociologists’ efforts, like George Simmel, George Herbert Mead, Charles Cooley, and Erving Goffman. It highlights that humans’ behavior is impacted by description and explanation that is developed and maintained by the representative interaction with others.


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