Slides for Regular and Heavy Duty Drawer


Are you confused about the difference between regular drawer slides and heavy duty drawer slides? Do you want the best option for your purpose? If you said yes, you’ve come to the correct spot. Without experience, choosing the right furniture hardware can be difficult. If you don’t have the right information, you can make a mistake and end up paying too much. The following will cover regular and heavy-duty drawer slides. We’ll cover the differences, as well as how to use them. Find out which one could be the right choice for your project.

Details about Heavy Duty Drawer Slips

These slides are ideal if you require a drawer slide that can hold more weight. It’s one of the major advantages of this drawer slide. This is an option that you can use for your heavy toolboxes, which can store modular drawers. These slides work well for projects related to canopies, caravans, and camper vans.

These slides can be weighed up to 452 lbs. These slides can be manufactured from cold-rolled stainless steel. The product’s design and material make it durable and extremely strong. These slides can withstand normal wear and tear. These slides are durable enough to be used for years even in harsh conditions. Because they are larger, you can expect better-lasting results. They are thicker and can withstand corrosion and rust better than regular drawer slides. The downside is that you’ll have to spend more money on this option than the regular drawer slides.

Regular Drawer Slides

You may have noticed that the regular options are meant for home use from their names alone. They can handle only 100lbs. However, the end result is durable. These drawer slides are also made out of cold-rolled iron. But they will cost less than the heavy-duty slides.

Heavy-duty drawer slides are best for industrial purposes. But, regular drawer slides can be purchased if you need them for home. Heavy-duty drawer slides are able to hold large items. They also last longer than regular drawer glides.

Features for Regular Drawer Slips


If you are looking for a durable option, then heavy-duty slides will be better than regular ones. These types of drawer slides, like the others, are made from exactly the same material. The heavy-duty slide is thicker and heavier. The product will last longer in harsh environments because of its thickness. Products with more material can withstand long periods of wear and tear.

The Ball Bearings are another thing that will determine the life expectancy of drawer slides. The slides will last for a long time if the ball’s bearings last. Ball bearings are used to allow drawers to glide open and close easily. They evenly distribute the load to ensure proper movement. The drawer’s functionality could be compromised if the ball bearing stops working due to adhesive wear.

Storage Needs

A heavy-duty drawer slide is the best way to store large quantities of weight. A heavy-duty slide can be used if your storage requirements exceed 125kg. You can also consider this option for extensions that exceed 1016mm. Regular slides can work well for home projects or small projects.

There are many kinds of drawer slides. It is essential that you understand your individual needs before choosing a drawer slide. You might consider using heavy-duty options for industrial usage. Let’s get into more detail to help you choose the right option for your job.



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