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ski bri

Quick Facts Wiki and Bio

Birth Date February 21,1999
Full Name Skyler Bri
Birth Name Skyler Bri
Profession Model
Ethnicity White
Birth City Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Marital Status Single
Insta Link Insta Link

Ski Bri, a sensation on social media, became Skyler Bri’s stage moniker. Bri is one of the best-known content producers on the OnlyFans website.

In addition to her work in social media, Bri works as a model and produces pornographic content. On her Instagram channels, she has been successful in gaining a sizable following.
How much is the net worth of Ski Bri?Ski Bri is thought to have a $1 million net worth. Through her modeling profession and use of social media, she has amassed this sum of money.

Bri has increased her income by working as an OnlyFans model. Additionally, she might have made more money via her partnerships with several YouTubers, such as Adin Ross and Simplistic.

Ski Bri has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2023. (Source: Instagram @ realskybri)Additionally, the popular figure Ski makes money by promoting brands on her Instagram account. She has 1.7 million Instagram followers under the handle @realskybri.

Ski also has over 24k followers as a Twitch streamer under the moniker @the realskybri. Through memberships and donations, she can make money.

Early Years And Education Information

Ski According to research on her social media, Bri was born to her parents on February 21, 1999. Bri keeps her parents’ names and occupations a secret.

Although she was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she spent the majority of her childhood there. She has kept the most of the details of her early life private and only revealed a few.

Ski received her primary education at a local private school. The name of the high school where she continued her education is unknown. She then transferred there.

Is Ski Bri Involved In A Romantic Relationship?

Ski Bri, a well-known online personality, is not romantically involved with anyone. She is content living alone without being in a committed love relationship.

Although Bri is well-known, she prefers to keep her private life discreet. She hasn’t made any remarks or provided any information to support her romantic relationship.

No posts with hints about her relationship could be located when searching via her Instagram account. She prefers to keep the specifics of her sexual life out of the spotlight and the public’s view.

On YouTube, there is a wedding film featuring Ski Bri and Noah. Although it was a challenge video that was put on his YouTube channel, they were not legally married.

Did Ski Ever Date Anyone Before?

There were reports that Jake Paul and Ski Bri were dating. It is unclear, though, whether they were having a romantic relationship.

After she shared her Instagram story with Jake, there were early indications that Ski and Paul were dating. They were seen kissing on the beach in the tale.

However, neither party officially confirmed that they were dating one another. Although they certainly slept together, they didn’t have a long-term romance.

Her relationship with Adin Ross also sparked rumors. Ross used to include Adin on his Twitch streams, but he later said in a podcast that he is not dating Ski.

 The Tattoos Of Ski Bri

Social media star Ski is well-known for having ink. She has numerous tattoos on her body, including those of Jake Paul on her neck and Twitch Streamer Adin Ross on her arm.

Ski has a number of small tattoos on her body in addition to those two. On her social media posts and other content, she frequently flaunts her tattoos.

Ski Bri has several minimal tattoos on her left and right arm. (Source: Instagram @ realskybri)Additionally, Bri confessed on the podcast of the YouTube channel TheSync Clips that she has a tattoo of Jake Paul’s name on her neck. Ski stated on that show that she would laser the tattoo away.

Speaking of the tattoo on her arm that bears Adin Ross’s name, she displayed it on Adin’s YouTube channel. Ross attracted a lot of attention and controversy because of the tattoo on her arm.

Physical Description : Height and Weight Of Ski

Ski Bri is well recognized for her tattoos, bright attitude, and attractive beauty in addition to those things. Like Mimi Ndweni, she is an astounding 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Ski weighs around 53 kg and has a slender build. She is of white race and has long, blonde hair and blue eyes, which further enhance her lovely image.

Ski Bri stands at 5 feet 8 inches. (Source: Instagram @ realskybri)Ski Bri is both attractive and charming with her seductive smile and exquisite face. Her charm is enhanced by the way her pale skin tone draws attention to her features.

Bri is a gifted and attractive person with a distinctive personality and sense of style. She has influence on social media because of her attractive appearance.

The Controversy Of Ski And Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy, a rapper, was accused by Ski Bri of acting inappropriately toward her. In the No Jumper Podcast, she revealed that the incident took place during the filming of the music video for the song White Girl.

Bri claims that Glizzy coerced her into consuming an unidentified medication. Additionally, she claimed that Glizzy exposed himself and threatened to withhold payment if she refused his request for oral sex.

The controversy summoning Shy Glizzy’s inappropriate behavior towards Ski Bri. (Source: TMZ)These accusations spread like a wildfire over how models and musicians are treated in the music business. She received encouragement for telling the public about her incident.

Shy Glizzy, on the other hand, refuted the accusations leveled against him. Glizzy’s music career took a slight dip after this incident, but it was only ever discussed and never brought up in court.

Life Before Fame

Ski Bri didn’t begin her professional life on social media. She began working for Target Retail Company on February 3, 2018, and left in 2020, a period of about two years.

Bri devoted her full-time attention to her modeling and social media careers after leaving Target Retail Company. She started to pursue a career in OnlyFans as well.

After thereafter, Bri’s career expanded even further after she was highlighted in a Simplistic and Adin Ross YouTube video. She also gained increased notoriety due to links to Jake Paul.


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