Six Features that help to Purchase the Best Office Headset


You might believe that choosing a professional headset is a simple task. When you feel more guided, you will find it more simple. Making the right choice is vital because you want the right headset for your job and the best possible audio quality.  Distributors like poly resellers know that, and when you look at this product more closely, you will find there are plenty of things you need to consider. 

Stick through the end of this article to help you better understand features to look for when shopping for a professional headset. To get started-

  • Comfort

It would be best if you decided on your preferred headset wearing style. Do you think it will be comfortable? A professional headset is something you will be wearing for hours, so comfort is an important consideration. If you are purchasing from a retail shop, it is recommended to request a demo of the headset. Purchasing a headset is similar to buying a car, and you need to see how it works. 

The last thing you want is an ill-fitting headset that causes much discomfort for you.

  • Quality of the sound

Headsets are not created equal. You will find that headsets sold on the market vary in price range and warranties. The reason is not all headsets use the same components. 

Besides comfort, you need your headset to have good sound quality. It must be as good as a telephone handset and even surpass it. But how will you know if a headset will perform according to your expectations? This is when a demo of the headset is critical. But if this is not possible, you will need to read as many reviews as possible.

Bear in mind that sound quality is twofold. First is the sound you hear when speaking to someone, and second is the sound someone hears from you on the other line. Microphones, in particular, vary in effect.

  • Non-noise canceling 

Your headset microphone is similar to a clear plastic tube. This design is found in most headset models. This type of microphone is non-noise cancelling, meaning it does not mitigate background noise from your environment.

If you work in an open office with prevalent noise and excellent call quality is critical to your work, a non-noise cancelling microphone is not for you. But if you perform in a closed office, this would be acceptable.

  • Noise-cancelling

Noise-cancelling microphones remove nearly 100% of unwanted background noise. Having a headset with this type of microphone is extremely helpful. It mitigates the noise from your coworkers talking in the background. This type of microphone is also helpful if you sit near a fax machine or the break room. A noise-cancelling mic effectively removes noises, so the one you are speaking to doesn’t get bothered or distracted.

  • Monaural versus Binaural

Choosing between monaural and binaural headsets is a matter of personal preference. A monaural headset enables you to hear conversations around you while you talk on the phone. It allows you to know the events happening around you. In contrast, binaural headsets will enable you to totally focus on a call. They can be utilised in loud and noisy environments since it seals off the sounds, thus mitigating ambient noise.

  • Future proof 

A majority of call centres prefer VoIP phones. But telephones are likely to become obsolete as agents switch to a desktop for making calls. So, you must consider purchasing headsets that can adapt to changing technology. A point to consider is whether your employees work on a desk or switch between both.

As the world is experiencing a dramatic transition in every field, including communication, clarity, effectiveness, and efficiency are becoming a must-have feature. The efforts of promoters like poly resellers will enable a better working ground for all these modern aspects. Latest article


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