Side effects of our dependence on Technology


Dependence on Technology has taken the major place in everyone’s life. Now we can say it is almost impossible to do our tasks without taking assistance from Technology. We are too much relying on Technology for our daily life tasks so it is affecting every aspect of our life. We can say that everyone is being affected by Technology. It is not totally true to say that Technology only benefited us in a positive way; it also has more of the negative aspects in our life as well. All the people are too much dependent and relying on Technology that it is quite impossible to spend a life without Technology. 

Technology is used everywhere in life for example in agriculture, medical field, health, education, bank, transport, and in every other area of life. Lets discus the role of technology in every field of life one by one and see how our reliance on Technology is giving negative effects.

Transport: in transport sector, Technology has also made its place; due to technology it has lead to the development of so many vehicles for our convenience. All these vehicles run by using great amount of fuels. When the vehicles run, they burn fuel and release smoke, which contains Carbon dioxide gas which is not too good for our health. Due to this carbon dioxide the protective layer around the earth is depleting, this protective layer is ozone layer, this layer protect us from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. This carbon dioxide gas is not good for health as it poses many side effects on blood composition. This gas will result in some disease like lung cancer, some heart disease, and many other respiratory track diseases.

Our air becomes polluted and unsafe to breath in air. Moreover, many harmful rays from the sun are directly coming to the earth because the ozone the protective layer is depleting day by day. Temperature of the earth is rising which contributes to the global warming. In this way we can say that Technology has also resulted in many harmful effects. 

Violence: Now a day, a vast number of weapons are made with the help of Technology. These weapons are used for the defense as well as the destruction of the world. The weapons like nuclear bombs and harmful poison gases are contributing to the world wars and violation all over the world, and there will be no peace in world in the coming time. This down side of Technology is killing so many innocent people around us.  

Cyber crimes: due to Technology use, the numbers of cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Due to this cyber crime, a lot of people are found being involved in cyber bullying, theft, stalking and hacking. 

Reduced employment rate: Technology is taking the job of hundreds of people. Now a lot of tasks are done with the help of Technology, it can do tasks of many people at a time and faster. Due to this, many people are becoming unemployed. The unemployed people are then involved in criminal activates. 

Thus we can say that Technology has a huge number of downside too. We should not Dependence on Technology too much on Technology. we must use Technology in moderation. 


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