Should Horse Riding Be Part Of Every Children’s Education


Horse Riding

Horses have been around humans for thousands of years, and throughout history, we’ve created a special bond with these amazing creatures. Horses brought many benefits that led to huge advancement and potentially reaching the stage we are here today.

If we take horses out of the occasion, human life wouldn’t be the same as we know it today.

However apart from horses used for transportation they have brought many other benefits, which is why scientists have started to research this segment and possibly include horses more in our everyday lives.

Since a horse can provide many benefits for child development, the question of whether or not it should be part of every child’s education starts to emerge. Many people connect horses to horse racing only and think about daily double bets on the Kentucky Derby. Horses involve much more than competitive sports and casual horse riding is a very relaxing hobby.

In order to see whether or not horse riding should be a part of children’s education, we have to see the benefits that this activity could bring to the table.

Benefits of Horse Riding for Children

Improved Physical and Mental Health

Horse riding provides a unique experience for children unlike any other class in their education process. Even though horse racing is largely a physical activity, surrounding people with horses can also improve their mental health.

Riding horses is an exhausting exercise that can be vital for children’s development. The process of riding a horse activates many different muscle parts that cannot be exercised with any other activity.

Improving the core muscles at a young age can be very beneficial for children, and if we introduce horse riding in the education process, it will serve a vital purpose for proper physical development.

Additionally, horse riding also brings many mental health benefits. Being around horses from young age learns children many different lessons, such as facing fear, problem-solving, peace of mind, and respecting the animal.


Another benefit that comes from horse riding is building responsibility which is very important for children at a young age. There is a great amount of responsibility involved with riding and taking care of horses.

The sense of responsibility is a process that is often learned unknowingly through providing the basic needs of a horse such as feeding, grooming, and mucking.

Horse riding and being around horses can teach a child to put their needs behind the needs of the horse, therefore developing empathy and compassion.

Building Confidence

Being in control of an animal as large as a horse can give children confidence and can improve their self-esteem. Riding can establish a lifelong passion for horses, and being in contact with the animal is a huge mental boost for children.

One of the biggest problems nowadays with children nowadays is the increased number of teenagers that suffer from anxiety and depression. Their confidence is shattered, and horse riding can be the answer to everyone’s problems.

Social Activity

Last but not least, horse ridings is a social activity that will bring children together. Being around other children and horses can be very beneficial for their mental health, and on top of that, children get to build relationships.

Should Horse Riding be a Part of Children’s Education?

Despite the countless benefits that come from horse ridings, including this activity in every child’s education is a tough process. First of all, even though horses are trained, involving children in this activity can be dangerous and there must be many safety precautions.

Additionally, horse ridings isn’t available in every part of the world, and come cultures have distanced them from the entire horse-riding culture.

Last but not least, horse riding in the education process requires a lot of effort, and many people are involved to make sure everything goes smoothly.

So, even though horse ridings can bring many benefits to a child’s development, using this activity in the standard education process is a bit complicated. However, even if horse ridings isn’t in the education system, we can always promote the benefits that come from it. 


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