Salt Bae Net Worth 2022


What Is Salt Bae’s Net Worth?

Salt Bae Net Worth 2022 is a 36-year-old Turkish gourmet specialist, restaurateur, and money manager from Erzurum, Turkey. The 5ft 8in (1.74m) was brought into the world in 1983. He is the proprietor of the Nusret chain of cafés around the world.

Today, Salt Bae’s total assets are assessed to be near $50 million dollars.

Salt Bae Net Worth:

$50 Million

Net Worth: $50 million
Salary Source: Restaurateur,
Real Name: Nusret Gökçe
Date of Birth: 1983
AgeHow Old: 36 Years Old
Nationality: Turkish
Place of Birth: Erzurum, Turkey
Spouse: Unknown
Last Updated: 2021


Personal Life

Salt Bae is

the nickname of the Turkish born ‘Nusret Gökçe‘, his father








functioned as an excavator to run his loved ones. Because of the monetary emergency, Nusret had to leave school and work as a butcher’s in the Kadıköy area of Istanbul.

Salt Bae has been especially involved as a humanitarian in numerous altruistic works, one of them remembers assembling a school for his old neighborhood of Erzurum.

Salt Bae began delivering viral Internet recordings which turned out broadly well known for his meat dream. He shows easy meat cutting plays and his novel way of sprinkling salt on steaks.

One of his recordings “Hassock Steak” became well known on his café’s Twitter account which was posted on 7 January 2017. It was likewise seen 10 million times on Instagram too.

Nusret Gökçe got his name “Salt Bae” due to his appealing approach to sprinkling salt, he holds his hands high and drops salt from his fingertips to his lower arm which sprinkles into the dish.

Nusret has broadened his web-based profile hugely and his eatery is generally visited by large name famous people like entertainers, finance managers, and particularly footballers from around the world.

You can visit Salt Bae’s Instagram account here.


Somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2010, Nusret began his venture by visiting a couple of countries including Argentina and the United States. He has worked for nothing in cafés to get understanding as a cook and a restaurateur.

In 2010, Nusret carried his experience to Turkey and opened his first café in Istanbul, later in 2014, he opened an eatery in Dubai.

The dishes served at Nusr-Et café have been depicted as overrated, his New York City steakhouse at first got blended audits and The New York Post’s envisioned his eatery as “Public Rip-off No. 1” by Steve Cuozzo.

Regardless, Nusr-Et café got more certain surveys in the amusement business.

Salt Bae has received a couple of criticism in the past which includes him posing in front of a picture of Cuban communist Fidel Castro.

He and Venezuela politician Nicolás Maduro also received criticism after Maduro was seen eating at Nusr-Et restaurant in Istanbul after crisis and deficiencies in Venezuela.Click here:

You can now find ‘Nusr-Et’ branches which are spread across many cities around the world, which includes…

  • Abu Dhabi & Dubai,
  • United Arab Emirates; Doha,
  • Qatar; Ankara,
  • Bodrum,
  • Istanbul and Marmaris,
  • Turkey; Jeddah,
  • Saudi Arabia; Mykonos,
  • Greece,
  • Miami,
  • Florida,
  • New York.

To conclude, Salt Bae’s net worth is estimated at $50 million dollars.


In November 2019, four of Nusr-Et eatery workers blamed Salt Bae for getting a piece of their tips and were terminated after they present requests about the tips from his New York bistro. To research the issue, a preliminary was set to be directed yet before that Salt Bae paid them $230,000 as of the amount of the repayment cash.

Afterward, Salt Bae said that the workers were forced misleading tip charges after he terminated them from their occupation as a result of nonperformance.



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