Ritu Kumar Dresses Every Woman Must Have in Their Wardrobe and Know Why


Ritu Kumar is a well-known name in the fashion and textile industry. She began her journey towards fashion by being inspired by hand-block printers in the small town of Serampore. But since the hand-block printers were unemployed, Ritu Kumar started by opening an enterprise that employs the printers and gives them designs to work on. And this is where the revolutionary work of Ritu Kumar began. 

So far, Ritu Kumar has merged traditional designs with Western silhouettes, which brings you some exceptional handiwork and designs in free-flowing dresses. The Ritu Kumar dresses come in various lengths and designs, from which you can explore and purchase what you like best. 

Why Purchase Ritu Kumar Dresses?

The Ritu Kumar label began in 2002, and from then on, a variety of clothing has been produced and sold. The Ritu Kumar dresses have many contemporary and traditional design patterns, providing a medley of modern and antique fashion. The merge of traditional and Western styles has made the label charismatically unique. 

You can purchase the Ritu Kumar dresses in various lengths and styles. Some are A-line dresses, whereas some are halter dresses or kaftan dresses. You can also style the Ritu Kumar dresses by keeping them simple or playing with contrasts. You can further try to experiment with different kinds of footwear, mixing and matching according to the dress you choose. 

Best Popular Ritu Kumar Dresses to Keep in Your Wardrobe

Ritu Kumar dresses come in a large variety that you can purchase with beautiful cuts and prints. These dresses include the following: 

  • Blue Paisley Print Halter Dress

This halter dress by Ritu Kumar comes with floral prints and is made of rayon crepe material. It is entirely fitted and comes sleeveless. The fabric composition of the dress is altogether viscose, and the dress will reach below your knees no matter which sizes you purchase. The print halter dress comes in four sizes and can be paired with earthy jewellery and rings. Such a dress will not need any necklaces since the halter neck makes up for it. 

  • Blue Printed Long Dress

Most of Ritu Kumar’s dresses are long and come with some of the most unique and natural prints you can find. The blue printed long dress is V-neck and comes with ¾ sleeves, with a relaxed fitting. The fabric is made of viscose crepe and comes 50 inches or 1.27 metres. You can purchase this dress and pair it with some minimalistic jewellery so that the dress is the highlight of your look. 

  • Black Floral Print Long Dress

The black floral print long dress comes in the material of rayon crepe, and its fabric is composed of complete viscose. It has a round neck and half sleeves with embroidered designs on the top. It comes with a cinched waistline which elevates your shape. The skirt has a primary design flaring from the middle, with tiny designs covering the rest of the dress.  

The black floral print is among some of the most noted Ritu Kumar dresses, among the most popular clothing. It has a tiny V-shape made from a round neck, making the dress look more special. And even though it has half-sleeves, even those sleeves are puffed with detailed designs throughout. 

  • Beige Embroidered Tiered Long Dress

This Ritu Kumar dress brings you a combination of tiers and embroidery in one combo. Such a dress best examines how Ritu Kumar merges traditional designs with the Western outlook. The beige colour brings a hint of softness to your character with such a carefully crafted dress, and it is also made out of cotton voile. Its material makes the dress soft on your skin and lightweight to carry. 

  • Black Floral Print Short Shirt Dress

This black floral print Ritu Kumar dress comes with a shirt collar and full sleeves and is made of full cotton voile material. It has a relaxing fitting and gives you a chic bohemian look. You can pair the dress with chunky boots and earrings for a dapper look. 

  • White Floral Print Puffed Sleeve Style Long Dress

This white floral dress comes with a round neck and half sleeve. It will sit fitted on your body and has been designed with blue patterns. Even though this Ritu Kumar dress comes with half sleeves, it still comes with traditional puffed designs and beautiful blue patterns. Blue stripes are also wrapping around your shoulders, cuffs, and waist. It further has designed blue vines of flowers that climb towards your waistline, and this look makes this entire dress look pure and soft. 

You can pair the dress with minimalistic jewellery and shoes to balance the dress and the accessories. 


Ritu Kumar dresses have been admired for their simplicity and beauty, and you can wear them for any occasion. Whether you prefer a long or short length in dresses, you can get both. And even with the sizes, you get several options to choose from. You can combine these fantastic dresses and try them out with different accessories and elements to brighten your look.

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