Reasons Why Drivers should be Tested for Drugs and Alcohol


One of the most significant causes of road accidents is driving under the influence. It is a menace that affects many people and could result in losing life and property.  

While there are no laws against consuming alcohol, one needs to do so responsibly. Besides, some drugs will mess with one’s reasoning and mental capacity when consumed. This could affect judgment when behind the wheel, slow down reaction time, and ultimately affect decisions, leading to loss of life and properties.  

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This makes it essential to subject drivers to constant drug and alcohol testing as it will go a long way to reduce loss of life and properties and improve employees’ productivity. This article will explore why testing drivers for drugs and alcohol is pretty important. 

To Maintain Work Productivity 

Most employers need their workers to give their best and perform excellently on the job. However, this is impossible if an employee indulges in drugs and alcohol. Testing for such services serves as a preventive measure to screen out drivers that might pose a problem to the company and possibly trigger loss of life and property.   

A driver driving under the influence could cause a road accident, resulting in lawsuits for the firm. However, drug and alcohol test for drivers can avoid this and improve productivity. Besides, employees on drugs are 30% less productive than those who are not. With competition increasing in the business world, losing productivity traced to alcohol and drug misuse is a luxury business cannot afford.  

Community Protection 

Someone driving under the influence is a menace to society. There is a high possibility of an accident when someone takes a hard drug and drives. This can cause an accident and affect innocent road users and other members of society.  

However, drug testing ensures that the community is safe and reduces risks to other road users. A driver hauling company goods will be a severe hazard to lives and properties if driving under the influence. Innocent passersby and children are at risk when someone is driving under the influence. 

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Prevent Unnecessary Lawsuit 

Driving under the influence is against the law. Anyone caught could risk serious jail time and fines. Also, should there be an accident that resulted in the loss of lives and properties, there could be drug and alcohol tests to confirm if the driver was using such.  

If caught and confirmed, it could result in several fines and severe penalties. The driver’s license could be seized, affecting the mobility of the person involved. Also, the possibility of drug users injuring others on the job is pretty high.  

To Deter Drug Use 

The aftermath of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is pretty alarming. Since the content of alcohol and drug messes with the brain, one is no longer in control of the senses. As a result, it is easy for such a person to make wrong judgments that could have terrible implications.  

For instance, should there be an accident, even the driver might sustain injuries or deformities that could remain with them for life. Also, job loss is possible, and one’s record will be soiled. As a result, further background checks by prospective employers could reveal one’s record of DUI and prevent the person from securing a job for life.  

The loss of a driving license increases dependency on others, which is a complete and unwanted lifestyle change. Also, insurance increases which makes life unnecessarily difficult for the person.  

Can Help Rehabilitate Employee 

Testing for drugs and alcohol is a way for employers to detect their workers with such issues. As a result, it can expose dependency issues for such workers. When they come to terms with the implication of driving under the influence, it can help them confront the issue.  

Such timely intervention can be beneficial for all the parties involved. The person might have been trying to break free from such an addiction for a long time. With such intervention, the party concerned can get all the necessary help to free themselves from such addiction and avoid any possible aftermath of driving under the influence.  

Possibility of Job Loss 

It is a serious offence to be convicted of driving while under the influence in many professions. Some professionals like nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, law enforcement agents, etc., are regarded as respected public figures.  

As a result, it is a severe offence for being caught driving under the influence. Such violation will lead to termination of employment, among other severe aftermaths. For instance, the professional license might be revoked. As a result, the possibility of getting a job after the process is greatly affected. This is one of the reasons why drivers should be responsible users of drugs and alcohol 

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You can enjoy a cup or two of your favorite alcohol in the comfort of your home. However, ensure you don’t operate heavy machinery like a car afterward. Besides, if you must move from one place to another, request someone to drive you.  

Driving under the influence is a serious offense with grave aftermaths. It is better to avoid that extra cup of alcohol or drug than risk a series of penalties and unwanted consequences of driving under the influence.  


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