Real Madrid TV Launches in North America

Real Madrid

After negotiating a deal with the entertainment company Cinedigm, Real Madrid has announced the launch of its own TV channel, Real Madrid TV. The channel will livestream up to three matches a week and feature both Spanish and English language broadcasts. It will also stream matches from the club’s history as well as news programming. In addition, the channel will offer exclusive content.

Real Madrid TV will be available through Cinedigm distribution partners

Real Madrid TV is coming to North America, allowing fans to watch the hottest soccer team on TV. The network will be available to viewers through a wide range of OTT distribution partners including Cinedigm. Real Madrid is among the world’s most recognized brands, and the launch of Realmadrid TV is a major step forward. The partnership will give fans exclusive content that was previously unavailable to them.

The agreement includes two to three live matches a week in English and Spanish. The channel will also feature domestic cup tournaments and Uefa Champions League matches. In addition, it will include classic matches and interviews from the club’s elite players. It will be available on connected TVs and media-streaming devices, and will feature around 8,000 hours of soccer content per year.

Real Madrid is one of the world’s most popular sports teams, with a loyal global fan base. Founded in 1902, the team has won 13 Champions League trophies and is the most successful club in Europe. Its success has prompted the club to be named FIFA’s Club of the 20th Century. It is also home to the world’s top soccer players. Real Madrid TV is available on both linear networks and advertising-based video-on-demand platforms.

It will livestream up to three matches per week

A new 24-hour Real Madrid TV channel has launched on Roku, providing fans with the chance to watch all three matches live. It also offers behind-the-scenes footage and press conferences. The channel is one of many upcoming additions to a burgeoning AVOD ecosystem. Other upcoming additions include Tubi TV’s Real Madrid channel on its Tubi Sports vertical.

The Spanish giants have a history of experimenting with digital disruption. Their superleague concept failed to take off in other countries, but the club has been pursuing new business models. With the success of its US launch, they will be eager to expand into other markets. Global sports fans in emerging markets are already comfortable with AVOD, which makes it affordable for them to consume premium content yalla live.

The company has partnered with LaLiga to livestream the matches. The subscription cost is $8.99 per month. Fans can watch matches in HD or SD. The channel also features exclusive interviews with players and analysis of the teams’ matches.

It will include exclusive content

Cinedigm, a provider of digital media services, has partnered with Real Madrid to offer a new streaming service that features thousands of hours of football content each week. Real Madrid TV will include live games, interviews, and press conferences, and will be available for streaming on connected TVs and media-streaming devices. It will also feature classic matches, news, and magazine shows.

With the launch of the new channel, the club hopes to build a stronger relationship with its fans. According to de los Santos, the biggest challenge will be creating compelling content and staying on top of the latest technologies. “The goal is to create a more personalized experience for our fans,” he said.

The Real Madrid channel is a natural extension of the club’s digital strategy. With Legends, the club will offer a unified fan experience that integrates social, mobile, and traditional media. This will allow fans to get the most out of their favorite Real Madrid moments across all platforms.

It will be available in the U.S.

The announcement comes after Cinedigm, the Spanish broadcaster, signed a deal to bring Real Madrid TV to North American audiences. The channel will stream three Real Madrid matches per week in both Spanish and English. The network will also stream other content such as news and classic matches from the club’s history.

FuboTV will offer the channel for free for seven days. Fans can watch it on iOS and Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and the web. It will also have a live stream of the games. This is a great option for fans who want to watch the Spanish champions in the comfort of their own home Yalla shoot.

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