Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Campervan


If you’re looking for a new excuse to explore the world, have we got an adventure for you! Whether you’re dreaming of a solo round-the-world adventure or a family road trip, checking out campervans is one way to get your travel on. However, before you buy that big ol’ van and hit the open road, here are some questions you should ask yourself first.

How much will a van cost?

For most people, the cost of a van ranges from $14,000 to $25,000. However, this is somewhat relative to your needs and wants. For example, you can walk into many campervan dealerships and be overwhelmed with a variety of different models at prices. If you need to finance your purchase, then shopping around to get a quote is vital to get the best prices.

Do you want a campervan or a motorhome?

The distinction is an important one to make. Campervans are smaller and more compact, which makes them incredibly road-friendly. Motorhomes, on the other hand, are larger and offer more storage and amenities. Which one you choose will naturally depend on your conversion needs but is an important consideration before purchasing your new adventure ride.

Where will the van be used?

Part of learning the ins and outs of the world can be assessing where you will use your van. Think about the places in which you regularly travel and consider the safety, crowd size, and parking options. Naturally, this will change if you plan on traveling through multiple countries, but it is an excellent start for anyone looking to buy a campervan.

How much space do you need?

Another question to think about is how much room you will need. The actual size of the van will change your travel plans, but knowing what you are willing to sacrifice is critical to picking a new mode of transportation. Will you sacrifice storage for length or the height for width? This can help anyone looking to buy a campervan an idea on the style of van that best fits their needs.

Who did the conversion?

Buying a conversion van is somewhat different from buying a brand new one. You should always research the conversion house or company to make sure they can deliver the quality you expect. You can also consider buying a used van with an unfinished restoration. This will allow you to save money and complete your own unique style, but it also increases the risk of receiving a vehicle that needs more work than you expected.

Does the camper have a gas safety certificate?

This may not be the most essential question but should not be overlooked. Buying a camper without a gas certificate is, in general, illegal. As everyone knows, you must check your car before taking it on the road. Also, read through the full requirements before you buy and make sure your van passes inspection!

Campervan conversion is an excellent option for dedicated road trippers. If you like traveling but also want to set up your van as a home away from home, this could be the perfect fit for you. Although vans are not meant to be a full-time lifestyle, they are surprisingly comfortable and safe.


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