Properties of Ultem 1000, PEEK GF30 and PEEK CF30


When it comes to learning about composite parts, the properties and characteristics of these materials are an important piece of information. By learning more about these materials, you’ll find it easier to determine what type of composite material is best for your part. The following article explores the properties of Ultem 1000, PEEK GF30, and PEEK CF30 components.

Ultem 1000, PEEK GF30 and PEEK CF30 is engineering plastics that have a wide range of uses. They have a tremendous amount of benefits in comparison to other plastics. In this article, we will go over some of the qualities that make these materials great and also look at each material separately to highlight the qualities they each have.

Ultem 1000 (PEI)

Polyetherimide (PEI), also called Ultem 1000, is a high-performance polymer engineered to be resistant to a wide range of chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses.

It’s the material of choice for many industries because it’s lightweight, tough, and has excellent thermal stability.

Ultem 1000 is the industry standard for high-temperature applications, including aerospace and defense. It’s used in surgical staplers and forceps as well as in medical tubing and prosthetic devices. It can easily withstand autoclave temperatures without degradation or performance loss.

Besides the properties mentioned before, Keward Ultem 1000 sheet has excellent chemical resistance, making it an ideal material for such products as laboratory equipment, laboratory hoods, incubators, and housings for electronics components, including circuit boards.


PEEK GF30 is a material that has high-temperature and chemical resistance properties. The reason for this is the presence of long-chain perfluorinated ether that is bonded to the polymer backbone. PEEK GF30 tube has a wide range of applications, including aerospace and defense, electronics, wire, and cable insulation, and medical.

The PEEK GF30 is a great choice for anyone looking to step up from the entry-level racket. With a 97 sq in the head, this lightweight frame has enough power and control to match up with any player. The PEEK GF30 offers a mid-plus balance that is neither headlight nor heads heavy but plays with the stability of a heavier racket.

From the outside, the GF30 looks like any other PEEK material, but thanks to the use of a proprietary process and materials, it can be molded into hollow shapes. This means that complex geometries can be formed with relatively low tooling costs.

Tolerance is another benefit of the GF30. The material has a very high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish and it can be molded in both hot and cold conditions.


Basically, PEEK CF30 combines the strength of carbon fiber with the toughness of TPU. This material can be molded into complex and highly detailed shapes. The surface finish can be achieved with a wide range of finishes from matte to gloss from silk screen printing to painting.

The PEEK CF30 is a unique camera for a unique purpose. The camera has a special infrared capability that allows you to use it to measure the size of objects through walls.

The PEEK CF30 tube is used to provide location and elevation data in an integrated fashion. The tube has a unique ability to prevent deformation under pressure and retain its shape even after exposure to high temperatures. Ask PEEK CF30 tube manufacturer before buying. Also, this material is made using the super precision extrusion process and is highly resistant against wear and tear. It also has thermal properties that make it compatible with metallic components used for gas turbine engines for aircraft.

Finally, Ultem 1000, PEEK GF30 and PEEK CF30 are all high-performance general-purpose engineering thermoplastics that offer excellent mechanical and thermal properties.

As we mentioned previously, PEEK GF30 and PEEK CF30 are less sensitive to moisture absorption than the other two materials. They do not absorb moisture as readily, which means they are suitable for use in high-humidity environments. Ultem 1000 is a very versatile material capable of withstanding high temperatures. It will not warp or delaminate under heat, even when parts are taken to temperatures above 50 C. Ultem 1000 also has a long-lasting resistance to chemicals, making it suitable for food applications.


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