Pornhub’s elusive co-owner broke a decade-long media silence after his $16 million mansion burned to the ground


Pornhub’s slippery co-proprietor, in his first meeting in over 10 years, said he speculates against pornography pundits might have prompted savagery that prompted his rambling $16 million manors catching fire the previous spring.

In 2016, Feras Antoon, the Syrian-Canadian CEO of Pornhub’s parent organization Mindgeek, bought two bunches of land close to a nature hold in Montreal for $1.8 million USD, The Daily Mail announced. He went through the resulting years constructing his 21-room chateau, complete with a nine-vehicle carport and a 6,000 square foot assembly hall, per Vanity Fair.

Days in the wake of putting the house available for $16 million on April 22, 2021, reconnaissance film showed two intruders on his property before the chateau caught fire, Feras told Vanity Fair’s Adam Gollner. The fire didn’t cause any wounds and close-by structures were not harmed.

Antoon told Vanity Fair he associates one with Pornhub’s numerous pundits who were behind the assault.

“Would the super strict gatherings be able to have induced and urged somebody to do this? Totally,” he said. “At the point when you utilize radical dialect and QAnon feeling toward youngster dealing, your words will draw in and assemble probably the most obscure corners of the web.”

The fire happened not long after Pornhub delivered its first straightforwardness report which said the firm recognized in excess of 600,000 bits of content that possibly disregarded its terms of administration.

Prior, in December 2020, the organization had rolled out significant improvements to the manner in which it moderates content on the stage following a New York Times commentary composed by Nicholas Kristof that supposed the organization was facilitating recordings of nonconsensual sex and sex dealing casualties, including youngsters.

The site told Insider in an assertion at the time that “any affirmation that we permit CSAM (youngster sexual maltreatment material) is reckless and outrageously false.” It cleansed all unconfirmed recordings from the site, yet not before Visa and Mastercard cut off their friendships with Pornhub.

“I can’t count the number of remarks I saw from individuals saying to consume the organization or my hometown,” Antoon said. “For some time, it was not difficult to excuse the tweets as individuals on the web talking. Then, at that point, my home burned to the ground.”

Sex laborers have said a few changes the organization made in 2020 came to their detriment. Checked performers could never again get compensated through two of the country’s biggest Mastercard organizations after Visa and Mastercard cut binds with help Pornhub, Vice’s Samantha Cole detailed.

“Any idea that we permit or empower illicit substance is totally false and resists judicious explanation, from both a moral and business point of view,” Antoon told Vanity Fair.

Online stages like Pornhub and OnlyFans were crucial for sex laborers during the pandemic when strip clubs shut down. OnlyFans confronted backfire last year subsequent to booting (and later un-booting) grown-up performers from the stage.



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