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With so many local and international vendors, the market for online on-demand home services is fragmented. Vendors use various organic and inorganic growth tactics to compete in the industry. Additionally, the significant capital expenditure prevents established vendors from exiting the market, heightening the competition between the participants. To take advantage of the potential, market vendors should preserve their positions in the slow-growing segment while concentrating more on the growth prospects in the fast-growing segments. Major players in the industry include Urban Company, Amazon.com Inc., Alfred Club Inc., AskforTask Inc., ANGI HomeServices Inc., and ByNext Inc. The switching cost for customers is low because most vendors offer similar services. As a result, the market is quite competitive.

On-demand app solutions are gaining popularity as individuals find it convenient to access services at home as their lives become immensely busier. The company that offers an advantage over the competition will prevail in the digital era’s enormous transformation. UrbanClap, Uber, and other businesses have reaped the rewards of their labour during the past ten years.

The popularity of developing apps for on-demand home services is demonstrated by the statistics below:

  • From 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of 60.77%, the online on-demand home services market is projected to increase by $1,574.86 billion. – Locus
  • APAC contributes 42% of the growth. – Technavio.
  • On-demand services are projected to grow at 52.29% by 2022. – Technavio.
  • There are presently 600 billion dollars in the US market for on-demand home services. By 2021, it is expected to increase at a CAGR of 49% after displaying consistent growth throughout the epidemic. – Locus
  • Only 38% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) providing residential services offer digital scheduling, compared to 46% of US consumers who prefer to use email, an online platform, or a mobile app – Locus.
  • The online on-demand service industry has a market analysis of 332.21 in 2020. – Technavio.

Let’s look at the most well-liked home service app available in the market, as the data above have demonstrated how popular home services are.

Popular On-Demand Home Service App Solutions Available in Market

The development of on-demand home services apps has advanced significantly over the past few years. Since then, a wide range of services that were difficult to anticipate a few years ago has started to appear in these apps. The numerous varieties of on-demand home service applications covered below provide quick services and build friendly, trustworthy relationships with their customers to provide a variety of simple task services quickly. To take advantage of the opportunities presented by these applications, you can also hire an on-demand home service app development company to develop a reliable application.


An American online and smartphone platform called Task Rabbit helps customers discover quick help for routine tasks like cleaning, mending, and other on-demand home service apps. It does this by meeting local demand for freelance labour. They are tasked with locating qualified and reliable employees to handle the customer’s household chores.

Customers can choose from various options from Task Rabbit related to budget and financial issues. The program interacts with freelancers, companies that perform home tasks, agencies, etc., who can browse the jobs posted by the clients, accept and approve the job, and then pass it on to the employees of the company or any worker who wants to accept the same. TaskRabbit has a collection of products and services. Most focused on your home.


Thumbtack offers the top experts in the field. Using a thumbtack, you may employ experts from different walks of life for tasks like housecleaning or birthday party organizing. Two interconnected stakeholders must complete services in Thumbtack’s complex business model.

By asking them a few straightforward questions about their precise needs, or as the online service marketplace is known, Thumbtack connects the clients to the service providers. Thumbtack discloses that information to the professional by the nature of the client’s work while keeping the client’s contact information private to avoid contact masking and oversaturating the client’s inbox. After publishing the job description and paying for applicants to submit quotations, the curious and approachable person will notify the applicant within a few hours, after which the quote will be forwarded to the clients.

House Joy

The top handyman apps are all free to download, and one of the best is House Joy. Employing contractors for plumbing, painting, home cleaning, and electrical services is made possible by this app. With the aid of this app, you can schedule appointments, check prices, and much more. You can even read former customers’ reviews. In addition, you can find background check specialists in this handyman app.

Utilizing a home service app is beneficial because it speeds up your day’s job. To fully describe your needs, you can get in touch with them. To fix their home’s problems, homeowners can utilize the House Joy Handyman app instead of hiring an unauthorized person. This app provides a list of professionals, and you can schedule appointments with them. Examine for reviews, and then speak with a trustworthy person.


Your home care and upkeep demands can be met at Helper, a one-stop shop. The platform provides maintenance, laundry, and other services. Additionally, it offers technical services like pest control, electrical maintenance, heating, car cleaning and restoration, interior painting, and computer support. In addition, you can enroll in routine or annual maintenance plans for home and equipment replacements. More than 23,000 registered employees work for the company, which is 2015 won the Coimbatore Management Association’s (CMA) Best Start-up of the Year award. Each employee is subjected to background checks, including security police reports, before being examined, evaluated, and verified.


The way people perform their routine housework has altered thanks to the home service booking software Zimmber, which Quikr just bought. The app hires skilled workers to offer services in fields like a salon at home, AC maintenance and repair, car spa, carpentry, Driver on Demand, electrical repair, electrical work, plumbing, and complete home renovation packages, house cleaning, house painting services, laundry, PC & laptop repair, pest control.


In a very brief period after its launch, SBrick becomes a success. To diversify its business, it recently paid $1 million for HomeCues and took over the Melway facilities management company. First, however, they will launch under their brand name. SBricks will run homeCues. A young entrepreneur founded the company after spotting a market opportunity in on-demand home services. The business offers cleaning, laundry, and repair services via its official app, which is accessible on iOS and Android.

Mr. Right

Mr. Right, a well-known brand in the hyperlocal market, offers a user-friendly platform that offers various difficult-to-find household services, including plumbing, carpentry, electrical, cleaning, pest control, etc. The app offers 300+ home services from reputable and recognized specialists, with upfront pricing and simple payment methods. You may locate your chosen services at a reasonable price on this platform, which lists more than 300 services. In addition, you may locate services that suit your preferences, from a plumber to an electrician, pest control to laundry. Find the services you need, then contact vetted local experts to make a reservation. Your project is finished once you choose a chosen date and time. By completing their credentials and other requirements, professionals can register themselves.


The above-mentioned on-demand home services are only a few on the list of growing industry growth. The approved experts can click and fix many common home problems. Therefore, home service apps have gained popularity, from beauty to house cleaning and repairing to assisting you in moving and packing things. The term “on-demand home services” refers to all online markets that offer simple access to a range of home services. These platforms are gaining popularity owing to their convenience, flexibility, preparation, reservation hours, and everyday expenses. The global industry for on-demand home services is highly diverse as various firms sell various goods in the market.

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