Pluralsight in 2023: Is It Still Worth It? A Complete Review


Learning online is one of the best ways to develop your skill set today. Unfortunately, multiple online platforms offer you professional education, and it is a tedious task to find just the right one for you. If you want to enhance your skill set in a tech domain and wonder which platform to choose, Pluralsight should be your top priority.

Choosing the right platform to learn from is one of the crucial steps of online education, and not all platforms can meet your expectations. If you are new to Pluralsight or are wondering whether to start your e-learning using Pluralsight, we are here to help you make a decision.

This detailed Pluralsight review will help you weigh the pros and cons and then finally come to a conclusion.

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight was launched in 2004 with the intention of providing offline training for tech companies. However, three years later, the company took a sudden shift in its functioning and decided to focus on providing online education.

The team did take some time to make their mark in the world of online training, as the niche was still pretty new to people. Eventually, by 2011, Pluralsight had become one of the most popular online training platforms, with over 7000 courses to offer.

Pluralsight focuses mainly on tech-related courses that will help you prepare for jobs, certifications, and personal skill development. With multiple approaches like skill assessment, video tutorials, cloud labs, etc., it is easy for you to manage the study flow.

What Makes Pluralsight Standout From Other Platforms?

After completing a Pluralsight course, you won’t be provided with any professional certificates other than the one to indicate course completion.

Then what are the factors that made this platform so popular?

In this Pluralsight review, we will help you find answers to this question.

The features offered by Pluralsight, along with its quality content, make it one of the most reliable online learning platforms. After all, if you’re looking to improve your skills, Pluralsight is an excellent resource. Here are some of the features offered by Pluralsight that make it one of the most seamlessly efficient platforms to learn.


Paths are one of the best features offered by Pluralsight. Rather than spending hours deciding which course to choose from Pandora’s box that opens, Paths will help you get a customized learning plan. You can input your expectations and the skills you want to develop, and Pluralsight paths will return a compiled list of learning materials just for you. This way, the whole process of looking for the right course material could be slowed down to a great extent, and with a personalized list of content, you can have a more focused approach to studying.

Pluralsight Skill Assessment

This is an unavoidable feature when it comes to a Pluralsight review. Sometimes, it is natural that you don’t know exactly what to learn. You might come to a standstill at this point, clueless about which direction to go. It is at this point that Pluralsight’s skill assessment process comes in handy.

Pluralsight’s skill assessment feature helps you know what skills you lack and will steer you to the best available courses as per your requirements. Basically, this is a quiz, and using your answers, Pluralsight will try to understand your skill set and return the perfect course for you. Of course, the fact that Pluralsight’s skill assessment feature comes free of charge is the icing on the cake!

Podcasts by professional experts

This is one of Pluralsight’s key features that demonstrates how up-to-date they are with new technologies. You can find Pluralsight podcasts about more than half of the major tech-related topics. You can listen to active discussions and topics based on various domains by industry experts with the help of these podcasts, which is one great feature of this platform.

Pluralsight Cloud Labs

Cloud labs by Pluralsight will help the students get practical experience on the topics they finished learning. Even though this feature focuses mostly on cloud development features, it will offer a productive insight into how things could be applied in real-time scenarios.

Role IQ and skill IQ

Pluralsight may have multiple courses on a single topic. Jumping into a course without knowing who it is made for will be a mistake. You might end up taking an advanced-level course while you’re still a beginner. To avoid this, the Role IQ feature can be used. Using this feature, you will be suggested courses according to your level of understanding of a topic.

The skill IQ is a feature similar to the role IQ. However, while Role IQ recommends courses based on your knowledge level, Skill IQ recommends courses based on a list of skills you lack after an analysis.

How Do You Get the Most out Of Pluralsight?

With a feature-rich platform like Pluralsight, it is always recommended to make the most of it while you are at it. Like most other e-learning platforms out there, Pluralsight offers a 10-day free trial. Before jumping into a premium subscription, this offer will help you visit multiple courses, go through each, and zero in on the one that can help you the most. You have the option to cancel your free trial plan one day before its expiration.

As an alternate option for a free trial, you can try creating an account for free in Pluralsight. Pluralsight offers a good number of free or default courses with which you can get a taste of what the platform offers and its interface. This will help you to be more sure of purchasing a plan later for further studies.

Another useful feature offered by Pluralsight, of which most people are unaware, is that you can find free courses every week on most topics. This will help you learn without paying. Sounds great, right?

Pluralsight Plans

In this Pluralsight review, we are giving you an insight into the plans offered by Pluralsight. You can find plans for an individual and for a team offered by Pluralsight. Under individual, you can choose a plan based on your requirements, and the same is true under the plans for a team as well.

Individual plans by Pluralsight contain standard and premium plans. Each of these has a variety of additional features and premium plans. Each of these has a variety of additional features. It is recommended to go through the features offered under each plan before making a payment for one. Similarly, there are three plans available under the team option, depending on the size of the team and the requirement. In addition, you can find a starter plan, a professional plan, and an enterprise plan.

Each of these plans is priced differently, and selecting a plan that allows you to make the most of the platform is always recommended.

Pluralsight Review – is it Worth it?

Now, coming to the most important question: is choosing plural sight to develop your skill set a worthy option to choose? The answer is a big yes! Keeping in mind the fact that courses offered by Pluralsight won’t get you any credits or a professional certificate.

All of the contents you can find in Pluralsight were prepared and curated by industry professionals. These professionals are paid based on the number of views they receive for their classes, so they put a lot of effort into creating this content.

Apart from this, the video classes provided by Pluralsight are top-notch! The team of editors at Pluralsight works very keenly on delivering video content with the utmost quality, and you can find courses offered in more than 10 languages!

Pluralsight offers certificates only for video courses. This means you won’t get any certificates after taking an interactive course.

But rest assured; you will get great training to develop your skill set after taking these courses. All the courses offered by Pluralsight are prepared in such a way as to prepare you for the tech giants out there.

Hence, advancement in your skill set is assured, and this is one core reason why Pluralsight is so popular and one of the most recommended platforms by students and experts alike.


We believe this comprehensive Pluralsight review prepared by us helped you gain insight into this platform.

Pluralsight is a highly beginner-friendly platform, so you don’t have to worry if you are looking forward to learning about a subject about which you have no prior knowledge.

Likewise, experts rely on Pluralsight to enhance their skills. One of the cons of this platform is that you won’t get 24/7 support from the team unless you pay for their services, and you may not find content for non-technical subjects.

However, paying for adaptable, high-quality content like Pluralsight’s will always be worthwhile. You can confidently upgrade your resume after completing a Pluralsight course and get ready to compete with your skills in the real world out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Best Suited for Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is an excellent platform for developing or improving your skills in coding, bug fixing, or any other technology-related subject. Also, if you are a student, Pluralsight is a very good option to expand your curriculum.

Is Pluralsight Beginner-Friendly?

All the topics available in Pluralsight are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can select the courses as per their difficulty level, making Pluralsight a highly beginner-friendly platform.

Does Pluralsight Provide any Certificates after Course Completion?

You will be provided with a certificate, which your instructor will sign after course completion. But it has to be kept in mind that Pluralsight offers course completion certificates only if a student completes all the chapters in a course. Also, Pluralsight’s course completion certificate won’t have any industrial-level value.

How Helpful Is Pluralsight in Building up a Career in The Real-Time World?

One of the main reasons behind Pluralsight’s very existence is that it provides valuable skills necessary to make you a professional in a domain. Therefore, after taking Pluralsight’s course and following all the training provided, you will be skilled enough to be a professional in that domain, which will give you an edge while pursuing a career in that specific area.

Does Pluralsight Come with a Business Training Plan?

Pluralsight is mainly known for its tech-related courses. Although it comes with some really good courses under the management category, the business training courses in Pluralsight may not be helpful for someone looking to get trained in the business. Hence, it is suggested to rely on another platform for business training plans.

Is a Free Trial Available on Pluralsight?

A free trial plan is available in all Pluralsight courses.

How Good is Pluralsight Customer Support?

Pluralsight provides an excellent support service via email and phone. Although to get 24-hour support services, you will have to subscribe to the Pluralsight premium plan.


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