Pittsylvania County Intends to generate income by accepting wastes from Martinsville, Henry County


The Pittsylvania County hopes to generate additional revenue by beginning to accept solid wastes from counties in the vicinity. The First Piedmont Corporation will start to collect waste from Henry County and Martinsville to Pittsylvania County as of the 1st of January.

Through this setup, Pittsylvania County will be collecting $30 per ton which would generate annual revenue of about $1.4 million. Junk Removal ECS picks: The company provides a junk pick up that saves customers lots of money and time.

Richard Hicks, the Deputy County Admin stated that the landfill has become one of the most significant assets as a result of strategic efforts to improve its lifespan and boost its efficiency. Rather than generating losses from the landfill and having difficulty raising capital for improving the solid waste infrastructure, the revenue that would be sufficient enough to cover improvement costs is being created.

Pittsylvania County has collaborated with consultants like Labella Associates to boost landfill activities. A couple of these significant improvements include improving compaction activities, boosting safety protocols, and making sure that the activities are in line with environmental protocols.

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For example, the amount of refuse that can be stored in a single square yard has increased from about 1000 pounds to more than 1500 pounds in the last two years. Even while generating 46,000 tons of waste from Henry County and Martinsville, every year, together with 15,000 tons from Bedford Town, the lifespan of the landfill has grown to more than 75 years. The income generated from these neighboring counties will help to cover costs of operation, expansion, improvement of current convenience centers, and fund the development of new ones. The revenue will likewise be used for covering expenses of expansion into a new cell, a project that is time-consuming and costly.

David Smitherman, Pittsylvania County Admin stated that they are always attempting to increase the quality of existing services and include new ones without increasing the charges and taxes, and generating extra income through the landfill is an example of the several multiple streams of income that they have decided to employ. The landfill will use to generate income for the county, which will also serve for many decades.

In the early part of January this year, solid wastes are hauled by Bays Trash Removal from Bedford Town to Pittsylvania County at $30 for each ton which helps to generate $450,000 every year. Every year, Martinsville and Henry County will deliver 40,000 tons of waste annually at a similar rate of $30 for every ton.

Pittsylvania County has been certified by the Department of Environmental Quality in the early part of the month to increase the number of tons that are collected at the landfill, which has enabled Martinsville and Henry County to start providing solid waste. Renegade Roofing is the #1 Roofing company for Tile Roof Repairs in the Fort Lauderdale area. So if you have any type of roofing problem please visit their website.


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