Piezo Pickups and the Advancements in Acoustic-Electric Hybrid Guitars

Piezo Pickups

Guitars have been making beautiful sounds for hundreds of years. But have you ever been to a big concert and wondered how everyone in the crowd can hear that guitar so clearly? The secret is a special piece called a piezo pickup. This tiny device helps take the gentle sound of an acoustic guitar and make it loud enough for everyone to hear, even in big places. And the best part? The guitar still sounds natural. In this article, we’ll explore how piezo pickups have changed guitars, making them even more versatile and loved by musicians everywhere.

Understanding Piezo Pickups

Let’s start by learning what a piezo pickup is. Imagine a tiny device that can sense the vibrations from guitar strings. When you strum or pick the strings, this device catches those movements. That’s the job of the piezo pickup! Unlike regular electric guitar pickups, which use magnets, piezo pickups work on pressure changes.

Now, you might wonder, why does this matter? Well, because of the way they work, piezo pickups can capture the natural sound of an acoustic guitar. This means when the guitar’s sound is boosted for a concert or a recording, it still sounds like the guitar we all know and love. It’s like giving the guitar a microphone that fits perfectly with its voice.

Using piezo pickups in guitars has opened up a world of possibilities. Musicians can now play their acoustic guitars in big concerts without losing that classic sound. It’s a little piece of tech magic that has made a big difference in music!

Historical Context: The Rise of Acoustic-Electric Hybrid Guitars

Back in the day, if you played an acoustic guitar and wanted everyone to hear you in a big place, you had a problem. Acoustic guitars just weren’t loud enough on their own. Musicians tried all sorts of tricks, like playing into big microphones, but they often faced issues like feedback (that loud, annoying screech sound).

Then came the idea of the “acoustic-electric” guitar, a guitar that could be both acoustic and electric. This was a game-changer! But how could this magic happen? The answer was the piezo pickup. This tiny device, when placed inside the guitar, could take the guitar’s sound and amplify it. No more struggling to be heard!

The introduction of piezo systems in guitars was a big deal. Suddenly, musicians had the best of both worlds. They could play their guitar naturally, without any electronics, or connect it to an amplifier for louder sound. And as the piezo technology got better, the sound became clearer and more natural.

Thanks to piezo pickups, the acoustic guitar found its voice in bigger places. From small coffee shops to grand concert halls, this beautiful instrument could now sing loud and clear for everyone to hear.

Technological Advancements in Piezo-Equipped Guitars

Technology is always moving forward, and piezo pickups are no exception. Over time, these little gadgets have seen some cool improvements. Remember, the main goal is to capture the true sound of an acoustic guitar, even when it’s played loudly.

One of the biggest steps forward was the creation of the “under-saddle” piezo system. Imagine a thin line that sits right under the strings on the bridge of the guitar. This is where the magic happens! This setup helps to catch every vibration from each string, making sure no note is left behind.

But it wasn’t just about the pickups. As piezos got better, so did the electronics that go with them. These are called “preamps.” A preamp is like the brain of the piezo system. It takes the sound from the pickup, tweaks it a bit to sound even better, and then sends it out to the amplifier.

Another cool thing? Some guitars now blend piezo pickups with traditional magnetic pickups. This mix lets guitarists get a wide range of sounds, from the pure acoustic tone to electric vibes. It’s like having multiple guitars in one!

Thanks to all these advancements, today’s piezo-equipped guitars offer musicians a toolbox of sounds. Whether playing softly at home or rocking out on stage, the guitar’s true voice always shines through.

Top Brands Utilizing Piezo Technology

When we talk about guitars and piezo pickups, some big names in the guitar world come to mind. Let’s explore a few brands that have truly embraced this technology to make their guitars shine even brighter.

  • Taylor Guitars: Taylor is a big name that many guitar lovers know. They’ve been at the forefront of guitar innovation for years. One of their star models, the Taylor 314ce, uses a special system called the Expression System 2 (or ES2 for short). This system uses piezo technology to make sure every note played sounds just perfect. Whether you’re strumming or picking, Taylor guitars with ES2 make sure your music reaches everyone’s ears.
  • Martin Guitars: Another giant in the guitar world, Martin has been around for a very long time. They’ve always been known for their rich, warm sound. To keep up with modern times, Martin added piezo systems to some of their guitars. This lets musicians play these classic guitars in big venues and still maintain that signature Martin sound.
  • Sigma Guitars: While Sigma might not be as famous as Taylor or Martin, they have a special place in the guitar world. Sigma is like a younger sibling to Martin. They’ve taken the piezo technology and added it to many of their guitars. This means that even more affordable guitars can benefit from this fantastic tech.

In short, these top brands have seen the power of piezo pickups and have used them to enhance their guitars. From small stages to big arenas, these guitars ensure every note is heard, loud and clear.


The fusion of traditional acoustic sounds with modern piezo technology has truly revolutionized the guitar world. Brands like Taylor, Martin, and Sigma, among others, have championed this evolution, providing musicians with the means to project the authentic tones of their guitars to larger audiences. 

As we journey forward in the world of music, the blend of age-old craftsmanship with contemporary innovations ensures that our beloved instrument remains as versatile and relevant as ever. Whether you’re a budding guitarist or a seasoned player, the acoustic-electric hybrid guitar, with its piezo pickups, offers a world of opportunities. Here’s to the continued harmony of tradition and technology!


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