Orbita Verona Watchwinder Money Experiment


This keeps the watch running, even at times when it is not on the wrist. Also, something I want to mention about the Rotorwind system is that it keeps the watch winder really quiet, with only the slightest sound heard when it activates every 10 minutes or so. Don’t confuse these for the cheaper Sparta brand winder which only swings the watch back and forth.

At either 8 or 12 minute intervals, Rotorwind modules make one single revolution which triggers a series of oscillations that gently swing the watch back and forth. Once done, the winding mechanism releases (effectively turns off), and the winding head gently (and nearly silently) rock back and forth until all the inertial momentum is depleted.

While the winding head is oscillating, it’s causing the winding rotor inside the watch movement to turn, which winds the watch in much the same way as a self-winding watch is kept wound by the natural movement of the arm when the watch is worn on the wrist. However, this is primarily because they don’t know much about it. With ROTORWIND winders, however, the motor is really only running long enough for the winding head to be lifted up into a 12 o’clock position.

However, Orbita has made great strides with its ROTORWIND technology in bringing more affordable options to the marketplace. From the date, when it was first launched these Orbita watch winders have become popular and have become a force to reckon with in the market. In the below photograph, you can see the ROTORWIND unit from the Siena 2, and you can see how a watch fits on the foam holders.

This is a durable unit that handles Panerais very well. In its upright orientation, the placement of an a/c plug at the top of the unit increases the risk of the unit falling over if the cord is bumped. In that time, I’ve found this technology offers several advantages over traditional AC/DC programmable winders. If he left it unworn for more than a day or two, the watch would stop running, which required him to reset the time, day, and date. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you could save extra on Tourbillon 1 Watch Winder by Orbita Model W35001, which accompanies all the essential highlights one could expect in Orbita watch winder.

The Orbita Avanti watch winders are also provided with overwind protection and inlaid carbon. The topic of “do I need a watch winder” is a hotly debated one in online watch enthusiast discussion forums. The MTE AC winder, one of the most inexpensive winders on today’s market, has a spindle elevated by about 52 degrees from the horizontal.

Firstly, they’re quieter With a traditional winder, the motor is running (and making noise) the entire time the winding head is turning and winding the watch. Travel watch winders, which are smaller and more sleekly designed than their larger, home-bound counterparts, operate on batteries. All interior surfaces are lined in rich suede. Some, like the Orbita Sparta Deluxe, have a teak case with a black suede interior.

We went through 30 hours to locate the best Orbita watch winder for you is an Orbita Sparta Bold Black Single Watchwinder 1, which accompanies stunning highlights you’ve never heard. Totally unique in concept, Orbita’s Sempre winder will wind, but never overwind, virtually any manually wound mechanical watch ever made. There is no dispute over the market leadership of Orbita. The patents, such as the Rotorwind system, ensure that only Orbita can use this technique in its watch winders.

I’ve been using Orbita’s lithium battery-powered ROTORWIND winders since 2008 when Orbita rolled out a special beta program for their new technology to the WATCH TALK FORUMS community.

Some are battery-powered, while others come with a cord. There are two winding cycles: 10 minutes or 15 minutes. There are two options for you: AC or DC. Automatic watches are small, high-quality pieces of machinery.

Built into the lid of the Siena 2 is another feature I feel is a must-have for a daily use watch winder – a glass window that provides an excellent view of the watches inside the winder. At the end of the day, I have four basic requirements for a watch winder: 1)It must keep my watches wound, 2)It must keep my Rotorwind system well secured in place while it’s winding, 3)It must run quietly, and 4)It must provide a nice view of the watches inside.