Ontario Driver’s License | How can I get a driver’s license as a newcomer


Each immigrant decides to travel for their generations to have better lives than they did. This can include pursuing higher education, living in a politically secure area, and having access to better healthcare. Or adopting a better lifestyle for your future offspring. When a person immigrates to a new country, they must adjust to the new system, whether it be the culture, the local laws, or the language. Immigrants need to consider how they can maintain some of their life skills while transitioning to a new nation. One such skill might be a day-to-day activity like getting a driver’s license.

Unsurprisingly, thousands of Ontarians travel to work every day, with employers preferring applicants who have fully licensed [G-class drivers]. Ontario laws differ from those in your home country if you are a recent immigrant who has chosen to relocate there. The procedure in Ontario differs slightly from those in other provinces.

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In Ontario, after receiving their G1, drivers must wait for 8 to 12 months before applying for their G2, which allows them to drive unsupervised. Drivers must pass the G-test after receiving their G2 to be fully licensed in Ontario. And avoid taking any other exams in Canada for the rest of their lives. The G-test is known to assess drivers’ skill sets on highways.

Even though this procedure could take longer, there are alternate paths that immigrants might pursue because the procedure described above might apply to their offspring. In contrast, immigrants themselves might be able to become fully licensed drivers more quickly. Here are some methods for immigrants in Ontario to get their driver’s licenses.

How long you have been driving in your nation determines how long you may keep your driver’s license 

As a new immigrant to Canada, you would assume that you will have to complete the standard three-part driving procedure [G1, G2, and G]. However, there are methods for immigrants with a valid driver’s license from their home country to become fully licensed drivers sooner.

According to studies, if you are visiting Ontario for less than three months, you need your home country’s driver’s license; if you remain for more than three months, you also need an international driver’s license, which essentially permits immigrants from other nations to travel.

If you are moving to Ontario for academic reasons, you must have a valid driver’s license from your home country. This will allow you to drive for up to 60 days before taking your driving test (depending on your experience and home country, you may need to take the G2 or G test). Immigrants from a small group of nations, including Germany and the United Kingdom (the entire list is available on the Ontario website). It can proceed directly to the G-test. If an immigrant has more than two years of driving experience, just an eye exam is required; if they have fewer than two years, vision and eye exams are required.

Immigrants are often instructed to complete the three-step process outlined above if they are from a country listed as “Class 5” on the Ontario website but are not accepted (more information could be found on the Ontario website, or you can get it from the “Good Drivers” website as well).

Exchange of Foreign Driver’s Licenses:

The foreign exchange program is the second option for immigrants to consider while getting their driver’s license. Immigrants are qualified to swap for an Ontario license if they are coming from nations like the United States of America, France, Belgium, or Germany.

All immigrants must have a few specific documents to begin getting an Ontario license. First, they must have their current license, which serves as proof of where they passed their driving exams and must have the expiration date on it. Proof of identity, which must be shown, is the second piece of information immigrants require for paperwork. If it bears your signature and date of birth, you may submit a health card from another nation. Additionally, drivers must have a certified copy of their driving history for the past six months, including the day their license was initially granted.

Drivers with more than a year of experience must get in touch with their local embassy. Or consulate to request that they draft a letter attesting to their qualifications. The letter must be written in English and must have been produced in the same location where you obtained your international license.


As already noted, if immigrants struggle with any of the two choices above, they can take the knowledge test. Then the road test and the highway test are completely recognized as drivers in Ontario, following the same path as youthful drivers. Contact the Good Drivers professionals if you want more information regarding the Ontario driver’s License. We have all the information and have experienced professionals who can guide you best.


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