Nursery Rhymes For Numbers



Nursery rhymes are a crucial part of any child’s development. Not only do they help them learn to speak, but they also learn to rhyme. This is an important skill because it helps kids develop memory and cognitive skills. In this blog post, we have collected some nursery rhymes that focus on numbers. From one to ten, these rhymes will help your child learn the order of operations and more. Have fun teaching your little one about numbers and rhyming in the process!

The ABCs of Nursery Rhymes for Numbers

Nursery rhymes for numbers can help babies learn about numbers and counting. Some of our favorite nursery rhymes for numbers are “One More Time,” “Two Little Kittens,” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep.”

One More Time
Once upon a time there were four little girls
Each one had a little ball
They would throw the balls up in the air
And when they got to ten they would say, “One more time!”

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is one of the most famous nursery rhymes. The story follows a cat who comes to a child’s house to teach them how to count. The Cat in the Hat uses fun and interactive activities to help kids learn how to count up to ten. This fun rhyme is perfect for young children who are just starting to learn numbers!

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm,
And on his farm he had a flock of geese,
Two cows and three pigs,
And four little chickens too.

Old MacDonald had a farm,
And on his farm he’d milk the cows,
And clean the barn with a swish!
He was very busy all day long!

This Little Piggy

One, two, three

This little piggy went to market

And bought a quart of skimmed milk

Four, five, six

This little piggy went to bed
And woke up with a headache

Five Little Monkeys

One, two, three, four

If you can count to four, then you are a big kid! Here are five nursery rhymes that are great for teaching kids how to count:

1. One little monkey, two little monkeys
3. Three little pigs in a pen
5. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed

The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus go round and round
Just like a good ol’ wagon wheel
The driver, he kindly says to us
Let’s all get along together
We’ll have a happy journey
When we get to the end

Dame Trotter’s Deals

The nursery rhyme Dame Trotter’s Deals tells the story of a woman who sells hats. She has a variety of different hats to sell, each with a unique price tag. For example, the hat with the tag that says “Two shillings” costs two shillings, and the hat with the tag that says “Ten shillings” costs ten shillings.

The Dame Trotter rhyme is a fun way to learn numbers. Children can learn how to count by singing along with Dame Trotter’s Deals. The rhyme is easy to remember, and it’s perfect for children who are learning how to read.


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