Nikko Jenkins memoir: death row, Andrea Kruger murder,


There are more than 2500 death row prisoners in America right now, and binge executioner Nikko Jenkins is one of them subsequent to going on a killing frenzy and killing four individuals. His case presents numerous quirks since he comes from a group of criminals, and a few individuals from the said family assisted him with executing the wrongdoing, a considerable lot of whom are still in prison.

Jenkins’ story is a peculiar one, fundamentally due to how early he began his excursion in wrongdoing and the thought process that he guarantees for them. The indicted killer asserts that he killed four individuals — three men and one lady — as a penance to the Egyptian snake god Apophis or Apep.

You would believe that would acquire him an extended stay in a psychological organization, however American investigators chose distinctively subsequent to having Jenkins visit the therapist. In any case, the strangest thing about this story is that a lady named Dawn Arguello professes to have found ‘genuine romance’ with the executioner.

Albeit the vast majority of these are public information, there’s quite a lot more to the tale of Nikko Jenkins that makes this article significant.

Top 10 realities about Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins was brought into the world on 16 September 1986, and he is presently 34 years of age in 2021.
He was recently hitched in jail to a lady named Chalonda Jenkins and is planning to get hitched once more.
Nikko Jenkins is from a group of criminals, and his sister and mom are as of now carrying out jail punishments.
He once cut his tongue and privates to give recognition to the Egyptian snake god, Apophis.
The indicted binge executioner professes to have PTSD, schizophrenia, and bipolar problem, however a few specialists demand that he is faking the side effects to avoid discipline.

Whenever he was 7, he took a weapon to Highland Elementary School, which he joined in.
At 16 years old, he was condemned to 21 years in jail for carjacking.
Jenkins enrolled the assistance of his relatives to do his killings.
In 2014, Nikko Jenkins documented a $24.5 million claim against the city of Nebraska, saying he was illegitimately let out of jail and faulting them for the homicides.
As well as being condemned to death, Jenkins was likewise condemned to 450 years in jail on weapons charges.
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Nikko Jenkins capital punishment, Andrea Kruger murder, family, spouse
Nikko Jenkins in court
Early life and violations
Nikko Jenkins was brought into the world on 16 September 1986 in Colorado, USA, to Lori Jenkins and David A. Magee. The couple had six youngsters together. At the hour of Nikko’s introduction to the world, Magee and Jenkins were not hitched. They were rarely hitched, truth be told.

Magee kicked the bucket in 2009, and at the hour of his passing, he had been sentenced for a considerable length of time dangers.

Jenkins and his sisters experienced childhood in Omaha, Nebraska, with a family known for perpetrating savage violations. Truth be told, 38 individuals from Jenkins’ family are known to have been indicted for wrongdoings, and this traces all the way back to a few ages.

From the time that Jenkins was youthful, all he at any point knew was savagery as he was presented to actual maltreatment and crime that his folks perpetrated. As soon as seven years of age, Nikko Jenkins carried out his most memorable lawbreaker act by taking a weapon to school. Luckily, nobody was harmed.

At 15, Jenkins was accused of carjacking and irritated attack and condemned to 21 years in jail when he was 16. He served 10 years out of the 21 years before he was delivered. Soon after that, he carried out four killings in 10 days and was re-captured.

Nikko Jenkins family

Nikko Jenkins comes from a pained family that has spent ages carrying out fierce violations. The incongruity of things is that the Jenkins slipped from the Levering family, who are known for their great standing in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nikko Jenkins family

Nikko Jenkins, his mom, uncle, and his sisters.
Notwithstanding, since the family engaged with viciousness, it appears as though they are struggling with separating from it. The following are a few Nikko Jenkins nearest relatives who have likewise been sentenced for savage wrongdoings.

Lori Jenkins

Lori Jenkins is Nikko Jenkins’ mom. The 51-year-old was seen as at legitimate fault for covering proof and giving misleading data about the acquisition of ammo. And, after its all said and done, she was seen as not at real fault for giving fuel to her child and his uncle Warren Levering to dispose of the proof.

The court decided that she didn’t have any idea what the fuel was to be utilized for. In any case, she was condemned to 5 to 6 years in prison. Before that, she was at that point serving 10 years for being a criminal possessing ammo.

Erica Jenkins

Erica Jenkins is Nikko Jenkins sister and was additionally engaged with his homicides. She was one of the two ladies who tricked Jenkins’ initial two casualties to their demises.

She likewise assisted Jenkins with killing his third casualty, Curtis Bradford, and helped with Kruger’s demise. She was viewed as at fault for Bradford demise and was condemned to life in jail.

She is additionally carrying out a 10-year punishment for thefts related with the killing and 20 to 30 years for pummeling individual detainee Christine Bordeaux, who is likewise her cousin. Bordeaux affirmed against Erica and Nikko during their preliminary.

David A. Magee Sr.

David A. Magee Sr. is the patriarch of the Jenkins family. Despite the fact that, he never hitched Lori Jenkins, he is the dad of her six youngsters.

He was likewise associated with a progression of vicious violations, and at the hour of his passing in 2009, he was a criminal indicted for quite some time.

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Warren Levering

Warren Levering is Nikko Jenkins’ uncle, and he assisted him with the theft and murder of Andrea Kruger. He conceded to charges of endeavored burglary and embellishment charges in the passing of Kruger.

While he didn’t kill Kruger, he was hit with first-degree murder accusations and condemned to 40 years in jail. His sentence was at last sliced down the middle, and he was delivered in 2020 subsequent to finishing his sentence.

Lori Sayles

Lori Sayles is Erica Jenkins’ more youthful sister, who was additionally an assistant to Jenkins killings. She was accused in association of Bradford’s homicide and was blamed for concealing the homicide weapon.

Melonie Jenkins

Melonie Jenkins is likewise Nikko Jenkins sister, who has additionally been indicted for a long time. She affirmed against Erica during her homicide preliminary however isn’t at present detained. At the hour of her capture, she had three kids younger than seven.

Nikko Jenkins murders

Not long after being let out of jail in 2013, Nikko Jenkins was engaged with a progression of binge killings in something like ten days of recapturing his opportunity.

Nikko Jenkins capital punishment, Andrea Kruger murder, family, spouse

On 11 August 2013, a cop found two bodies in a white pickup truck close to a pool in Spring Lake Park, Omaha. The two men had been shot in the head, and their pockets had been turned back to front. It had all the earmarks of being a theft followed by murder. They were distinguished as Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz.

The two men had been attracted there by Jenkins’ sister, Erica Jenkins, and his cousin, Christine Bordeaux, under the affectation that they would have sexual relations.

Afterward, on 19 August 2013, the assemblage of Curtis Bradford was found with two slug wounds in his back. The other day, Jenkins and Bradford had modeled for a Facebook picture.

Jenkins’ fourth and last casualty, Andrea Kruger, was killed and her body left in the road. She had been returning home from work, and her vehicle was found 12 miles from her body.

Examiners said that an endeavor had been made to set the vehicle’s inside on fire.

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Capture and Trial

On 30 August 2013, Jenkins was captured for conveying terroristic intimidations to his then-spouse, Chalonda Jenkins who had announced him. By then, examiners had gathered a large group of proof against him. Afterward, on 3 September, Jenkins admitted to the killings in a meandering aimlessly eight-hour interview.

He guaranteed that the killings were penances to the Egyptian god, Apophis or Apep, and that the hieroglyphic tattoos all over are likewise praises to a similar divinity. Also, he had attempted to cut 666 into his brow, however he utilized a mirror, so it came out in reverse, perusing as 999 all things considered.

Nikko Jenkins life story: death row, Andrea Kruger murder, family and spouse

After his admission, he was accused of four counts of homicide, to which Jenkins conceded. He demanded that he carried out the violations as directed by Apophis and said in a manually written letter that he would shield the god with “carnal savage ruthlessness”.

In February 2014, Jenkins recorded a claim against the territory of Nebraska, guaranteeing that he shouldn’t have been delivered ahead of schedule, while expressing that his cases of it were overlooked to hear voices from Apophis.

He likewise whined about being put in isolation, saying that it deteriorated his schizophrenia and requested $24.5 million.

During his preliminary, in any case, an adjudicator requested a mental assessment and emotional wellness experts presumed that he experiences a total disregard for other people, and was faking insane side effects to try not to assume liability.

Jenkins talked in tongues, yelled, and giggled as examiners portrayed the subtleties of his casualties’ demises during his preliminary. In May 2017, Jenkins was condemned to death by a 3-judge jury and 450 extra years in prison on weapons charges. On 20 April 2020, the high court rejected his solicitation to pursue the choice.


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