Most Affordable Bubble Milk Tea Franchise in USA

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Are you a bubble milk tea enthusiast with dreams of running your bubble milk tea franchise? Look no further! We have discovered the most affordable and exciting bubble milk tea franchise opportunity in the USA that is sure to leave you steeped in success. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply craving a refreshing sip of this popular Taiwanese drink, join us as we explore how this franchise can turn your passion into profit. Prepare to embark on an irresistible journey through the world of bubble milk tea and discover why it’s become the nation’s newest obsession!

Benefits of Opening a Bubble Milk Tea Franchise

Opening a bubble milk tea franchise comes with several compelling benefits:

  1. High Demand: The bubble milk tea market is booming, with a growing customer base eager to explore various flavors and combinations. This demand ensures a steady stream of enthusiastic customers.
  2. Established Brand and Business Model: Franchising allows you to tap into the success and reputation of well-known brands in the industry. This reduces the risks associated with starting a new business and provides access to training, marketing support, and a reliable supply chain.
  3. Location Flexibility: Franchise owners can choose from a variety of locations, such as shopping malls or busy street corners, to cater to different customer preferences and maximize business potential.
  4. Creative Expression: As a franchise owner, you can experiment with unique flavors and toppings to keep up with changing consumer preferences and set your establishment apart from competitors. This creative freedom allows for innovation while retaining the essence of traditional recipes.
  5. Financial Rewards: Bubble milk tea franchises often offer attractive profit margins, and with a loyal customer base, you have the potential for consistent revenue growth over time.

If you’re passionate about crafting delicious beverages and running a profitable business, opening a bubble milk tea franchise can be a rewarding opportunity. Explore cost-effective franchise options available in the USA to kickstart your journey in this exciting industry.

Top 10 Most Affordable Bubble Milk Tea Franchises in USA

Franchise #1: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is a well-known bubble milk tea franchise with a global presence, making it a popular choice for aspiring franchisees. It stands out for its affordability compared to other franchises, offering competitive pricing options for entrepreneurs with budget constraints. Coco prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, ensuring superior taste in its beverages.

The franchise enjoys strong brand recognition with its distinctive logo and iconic green cups, fostering a loyal customer base. Additionally, Coco provides comprehensive training and ongoing support, making it a valuable choice for those looking to start their own business in the bubble milk tea industry. For entrepreneurs seeking an affordable, high-quality, and well-supported franchise opportunity in the USA, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is a top contender.

Franchise #2: Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea, a popular bubble milk tea franchise with over 200 locations in the US, stands out for its diverse flavors and emphasis on high-quality ingredients sourced from Taiwan. Their innovative drinks, like cheese foam toppings and fruit-infused teas, set them apart in the competitive market. With strong brand recognition and visually appealing stores, Kung Fu Tea offers an enticing franchise opportunity for those seeking quality, variety, and a loyal customer base. Join this expanding network and bring authentic bubble milk tea to your community!

Franchise #3: Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar has made a big impact in the bubble milk tea industry with its visually captivating beverages featuring swirling layers of brown sugar syrup. Beyond the striking appearance, their milk teas offer a rich and delightful taste experience. What sets Tiger Sugar apart is its commitment to using high-quality ingredients like premium black tea leaves and fresh milk.

Additionally, aspiring franchisees can enter the bubble milk tea market with affordable startup costs. Tiger Sugar combines eye-catching aesthetics, exceptional flavors, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking success in the bubble milk tea business.

Franchise #4: Boba Tea USA

Are you searching for an affordable bubble milk tea franchise in the USA? Boba Tea USA offers a diverse menu to satisfy boba enthusiasts. They prioritize top-notch ingredients, customizable options, and toppings for enhanced flavor. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and comprehensive training make them a compelling choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Join Boba Tea USA for a respected brand that delivers quality products at an accessible price point.

Franchise #5: Gong Cha

Gong Cha, the globally renowned bubble milk tea franchise from Taiwan, has captured the hearts of bubble tea enthusiasts worldwide with its diverse menu and dedication to top-quality ingredients. Offering both traditional and unique flavors, along with a strong focus on customer experience, Gong Cha is an attractive franchise opportunity. Entrepreneurs seeking a reputable bubble milk tea franchise in the USA can benefit from Gong Cha’s strong brand reputation and support, making it an enticing choice in the thriving bubble tea industry. Don’t miss the chance to become a Gong Cha store owner today!

Franchise #6: Sharetea

Sharetea, a well-established bubble milk tea franchise with over 450 locations worldwide, distinguishes itself with its commitment to high-quality ingredients and a diverse menu. What makes Sharetea exceptional is its dedication to using premium tea leaves sourced directly from Taiwan, ensuring an authentic and refreshing taste in every cup. They also offer a wide range of flavors and customization options to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Sharetea extends comprehensive support and training to franchisees, covering store design, marketing strategies, and operational guidance. This support system equips franchise owners with the necessary tools for success. With a strong global presence and a focus on quality, Sharetea provides an exciting opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the bubble milk tea industry. Whether you’re passionate about tea or seeking a profitable business venture, Sharetea offers a solid foundation for success.

Franchise #7: Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon, a renowned bubble milk tea franchise originating from Taiwan, is known for its innovative flavors and creative takes on traditional bubble tea, offering customers an exciting experience. They have a diverse menu that includes classic milk teas, fruit-infused options, and unique cheese-topped beverages, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients sets them apart, and they continually introduce new flavors to keep things fresh. 

Happy Lemon has a strong brand presence with eye-catching designs and effective marketing. They also offer comprehensive training and support for franchisees, making it a promising choice in the competitive bubble milk tea market. Happy Lemon stands out for its inventive flavors, premium ingredients, branding efforts, and support for franchisees.

Franchise #8: HeyTea

HeyTea, an originating Chinese bubble milk tea franchise, has gained global popularity with its unique flavors and emphasis on premium ingredients. They consistently introduce new flavors, maintain a harmonious taste balance, and create a modern ambiance in their stores. This franchise offers an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the US market due to its commitment to quality ingredients and ongoing innovation.

Franchise #9: Chatime

Chatime, the globally renowned bubble milk tea franchise from Taiwan, is celebrated for its extensive flavor choices and premium ingredients. It sets itself apart by using freshly brewed loose-leaf teas and real fruit extracts. As a franchise opportunity, Chatime offers an affordable investment option, making it ideal for entrepreneurs entering the booming bubble milk tea market. 

They also provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for franchisees, ensuring a successful venture. Whether you’re a bubble milk tea enthusiast or an aspiring entrepreneur, Chatime offers an exciting opportunity in this rapidly growing industry.

Franchise #10: Presotea

Presotea, a well-known bubble milk tea franchise originating from Taiwan and now present in the United States, stands out with its unique “pressure-brewing” method, ensuring consistent flavor and the preservation of tea’s natural qualities. Their diverse flavor offerings cater to various tastes, including customizable bubble milk teas. With a strong reputation, customer base, and robust support for franchisees, Presotea is an attractive and affordable choice for those looking for a reputable bubble milk tea franchise opportunity in the USA. 

Their commitment to premium ingredients and innovative brewing techniques makes them a standout option in the market, offering a compelling partnership opportunity.


In conclusion, we have explored affordable bubble milk tea franchise options in the USA and showcased the potential for a lucrative and fulfilling venture in this expanding market. Prominent franchises such as Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, Kung Fu Tea, Tiger Sugar, Boba Tea USA, Gong Cha, Sharetea, Happy Lemon, HeyTea, Chatime, and Presotea offer a variety of choices for aspiring franchise owners. When deciding on the best fit for you, consider factors such as initial investment, brand reputation, support, and location. 

Achieving success in this trailblazing industry will require dedication and thorough research. Don’t miss out on the chance to start your bubble milk tea franchise in the USA today!

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