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TikTok is a denoting place for making videos on mobile Phones. We can avail of the real opportunity for creating engaging and funny Videos that you want to make on present status. It is an Asian social network where you have to make and share musical, funny videos to colleagues and your followers.

Asian peoples enjoying their day by making videos in TikTok app, sends their followers and friends. You can find the TikTok app in your android phone’s Google play store and then the app download and install for watching short videos of inspiring, and funny videos. 

You can earn money from the TikTok app using your android phone with a good quality of the camera and make a genius video for your friend and followers. A number of your followers and friends will increase your posted video will viral in very little time.

Earning on TikTok depends upon your quality of videos and followers.     

Most of the young generation advance to social media like TikTok and other apps for their enjoyment and interest in copying the showbiz stars. 

We are editing some own jokes in famous funny scenes of movies for making the unique Video. is growing fast social media network for modern community, singing short lines at the same time while recording in process. It has an unlimited approach to uploading limited time 15sec videos free on the android,

iOS and Fire.

If anyone wants to watch online TikTok videos, search on Its website where thousands of TikTok updated videos are placed. It is very sample to create an account in and log in to TikTok to watch real and their videos. TikTok downloader for downloading videos in HD quality of Songs. And another tool, snap TikTok app, can download TikTok videos without any signature like a watermark.


  • Uploading videos: created videos from the app after some editing in old videos.
  • Voice tracking from other sounds to find the original use of sound.
  • QR code scanning system that is scanning other persons’ account to connect.
  • Google location services of receive some information like location, internet access address, and knowledge of users’ devices on behalf of following the privacy policy.
  • Online live chat on TikTok, which is the platform for stars communicate with their follower.
  • Social media share videos from to Instagram.
  • Tiktok is the most versatile and very sample video editing app.


  • Size of the file: limit up to 287.6 megabytes.
  • Orientation: best video view on vertical on smartphones.
  • Dimension: 1920×1080.
  • Time limit: 15sec
  • Supported file type: MP4, MOV, Avi, and gif.


  • It is free for unlimited users all over the world.
  • It can reach a new market in favor of entertainment.
  • Create valuable contact with different peoples.
  • Younger should expand their friends’ networks and enhance their skills for enjoying and sharing their talent with their followers and friends.
  • Little size videos are easy to watch and enjoy. It’s fun to reduce stress. 


  • Not for old age peoples.
  • TikTok is not beneficial for official advertisements because this app only for fun and entertainment.
  • Due to some tricks, all videos cannot fit for TikTok. 

You can face some difficulties in live streaming when requirements did not meet your account, and the live option will not be displayed on your account.

Millions of TikToker are available on live streaming at any time that can be watched.

The plus symbol option in is located at the center bottom of the display, and you can touch on the live button near the recording option.  


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