Misty Escapes: Mesmerising Monsoon Destinations in Kerala


As the rest of the world braces against the heavy downpours and gloomy skies, Kerala stands as a beacon of nature’s splendour during the monsoon season. Known for its lush landscapes, serene backwaters, and vibrant culture, this enchanting state in India beckons travellers seeking a unique and luxurious monsoon getaway. And what better way to experience the magic of the rains than in the lap of opulence offered by the renowned Taj Hotels? In this blog, we delve into the three captivating monsoon destinations in Kerala where luxury meets nature most exquisitely.

Taj Bekal Resort & Spa, Kerala – A Monsoon Haven Amidst Tranquility

Nestled along the shores of the Arabian Sea, the 5-Star Hotel in Bekal, Kerala, presents a timeless blend of elegance and nature’s beauty. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Kasaragod district, Taj Bekal Resort & Spa offers an intimate monsoon escape like no other.


  • Immerse in the luxury of charming Kettuvallam-inspired villas, adorned with traditional artistry and contemporary comfort.
  • Gaze upon the dramatic monsoon skies from the private balconies and terraces.
  • Indulge in rejuvenating spa therapies inspired by ancient Ayurvedic practices, heightening the connection between mind, body, and the serene environment.
  • Taj Bekal’s monsoon dining experience combines the aromatic flavours of Kerala with innovative monsoon-themed beverages, creating a symphony of tastes that dance on your palate.

Taj Wayanad Resort & Spa, Kerala – Monsoon Mystique Amidst the Western Ghats

Huddled in the embrace of the Western Ghats, the Taj Wayanad Resort & Spa offers an exclusive 5 Star monsoon experience, enveloped in the tranquil beauty of the Wayanad district.


  • Retreat to luxurious suites and rooms adorned with plush furnishings, capturing the essence of indigenous art and culture.
  • Immerse in the refreshing ambience created by the lush rainforests, mist-kissed mountains, and cascading waterfalls.
  • Embark on guided nature trails to discover the secrets of the rain-soaked flora and fauna that thrive during the monsoons.
  • The monsoon dining at Taj Wayanad captures the essence of the region with an array of regional delicacies, showcasing the finest local ingredients.

Taj Kumarakom Resort & Spa – Monsoon Magic on the Backwaters

Experience the monsoons like never before at the Taj Kumarakom Resort & Spa, a serene 5 Star Resort in Kumarakom, Kerala, set amidst the mesmerising backwaters.


  • Embrace the elegance of charming heritage rooms and villas, each overlooking the tranquil backwaters and lush gardens.
  • Partake in serene boat cruises on the backwaters, as the raindrops create a symphony on the water’s surface.
  • Witness the vibrant flora come alive during the monsoons, adorning the surroundings with a burst of colour.
  • Indulge in the monsoon-themed dining experiences, where the finest regional ingredients blend seamlessly with innovative culinary techniques.

Taj’s Monsoon Dining Experiences: Where Gastronomy Meets Luxury

Beyond the luxurious accommodations, Taj Hotels offer an exquisite dining experience that captures the essence of Kerala’s monsoons. From aromatic spice-infused beverages to flavoursome regional delicacies, each bite carries the richness of the region’s culinary heritage. Indulge in coconut-based curries, fresh seafood, and delectable desserts that reflect the vibrant culture of Kerala.

Embrace the Monsoon Magic: Book Your Stay At Taj

As the rain-kissed landscapes of Kerala come alive with lushness during the monsoon season, it’s an opportunity for travellers to immerse in luxury and nature like never before. From the mist-laden mountains to the tranquil backwaters, the Taj Hotels ensures that every moment of your monsoon escape is steeped in opulence and authenticity. Encouraging you to explore the unique experiences and magical allure of monsoons, Taj beckons you to embark on a journey that redefines luxury amid of nature’s bounty.


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