Link building, also known as backlinking, is a critical aspect of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This refers to the process of obtaining links from other websites that lead users back to your own site.

In addition to directing the flow of online traffic, backlinking can play a critical role in Google’s evaluation of your site. This means that getting high-quality backlinks can help your business or organization rank higher and get more visibility on the search engine results page (SERP).

How Generating Backlinks Can Boost Your Site

Effective link building can help boost a website’s visibility, authority, and credibility. When a link is placed on another website, Google often views this process as an endorsement.

Over time, if a site has a collection of backlinks from authoritative websites, Google may then start to view this page (and the site as a whole) as an authority on that topic. By extension, other sites may reach out to you for backlinks – and potential customers might come to you as a trusted source of information. This circularity can help to bolster business and generate a network of mutually beneficial backlinks.

Link building is one of the many factors that Google uses when determining which websites should appear on a results page. In some cases, the difference between ranking 3rd and 4th could be the number and quality of backlinks that each respective page has.

Avoiding Low Quality and Harmful Links

Just as high-quality links can help your website rank higher in the SERP, links from untrustworthy or spammy sites can actually hurt your digital presence. In some cases, a link from an untrustworthy site could indicate to Google that your site is, by extension, untrustworthy.

These and other inauthentic link building practices, such as mass purchasing links, will do more harm than good to your site. Any short-term success will, over time, be met by long-term obstacles or penalties. This is why it is crucial to maintain integrity and only generate authentic backlinks.

Start Creating a Network of Backlinks

When done effectively, link building can help increase your brand recognition, ranking, and overall digital presence. A thorough SEO strategy should include different methods for acquiring these links organically, whether through high-quality content or community development.

To learn more, book a consultation with our experienced SEO team today to start discussing how to work backlink building into your digital marketing plan.


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