Learn How to Start a Career as a Travel Writer


Travel Writer

Do you love the idea of traveling to isolated places? Are you able to notice fun facts about homes? Do you always take photos or pick a pen to make those places alive. If so, travel writing is for you.

Travel writers can write on just about anything- real estate, airlines, beach resorts, hotels, and safaris. In short, they have one of the best writing gigs in the industry. It is all about getting a distinctive perspective on the travel experience.

Most experienced travel writers enjoy lots of free things- meals, accommodations, tickets, and more. For instance, if you are reviewing a beach resort, you are likely to get free entry. Proof of your work is all that is required

Below are a few pointers that experienced travel writers consider

  • Writing in the first person 
  • Telling stories in the past tense
  • Using a conversational tone
  • Incorporating sensory details
  • Keeping the reader in mind while writing

This article gives you insights into how to jumpstart a career as a travel writer. 

You must Love writing.

Working as a writer is quite demanding in the modern world. Those who work as editors, copywriters, creative writers, and essay writers can attest that you must be conversant with the basics of writing- such as sentence structure, the use of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and the ability to make your content cohesive. 

For more information on making your writing organized and coherent refer to the Peachy Essay writing website. 

You should also possess versatile writing skills if you are to put together a compelling- well-written article. Should you think about beginning a career as a travel writer, first consider going on a vacation and writing about your experiences of your trip. Make sure that your words jump off the page before involving magazines and newspaper editors to see if any of them will be interested. 


Read Widely And Worldly.

Reading will always keep you up-to-date with the current trends and competition as you shape your voice and writing style. Additionally, consider going to school for journalism. 

Many people opt to take a few classes during their free time, but a degree in journalism can go a long way in getting hands-on experience with travel writing. You will also be in the best position to research and write impeccable stories under the guidance of an experienced professor.

Be Ready To Travel

You must not only love traveling, but it is essential to be up-to-date with your passport, immunizations, and travel insurance. Besides, be prepared to travel and get the necessary Luggage within your budget. You will be away from home, and it is only sensible to make your laptop your office. 

However, it is risky to quit your 8 am-5 pm job just yet. If you must leave, then look for other jobs that allow you to travel. Once writing generates income, you can decide to transition to a full-time travel writer.

Build an Online Writing Portfolio

There are numerous ways of building a professional online presence. The most common are social media and having a writer’s website. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram account profiles should relate to your career as a travel writer. 

Pose as a writer in all your social media accounts and join groups related to writing and traveling. Additionally, open a writer’s website. A website enables you to showcase samples of your work to potential clients and employers. Try to monetize your website by incorporating advertisements that are in line with travel services.

Build Relationships with publishers

Building a relationship doesn’t happen overnight, but once you’ve polished your work; it is time to start sending pitches to various media outlets to see whether your travel stories will sell. Before sending your work, it is essential to research your target publications. Most publications have specific editorial submission guidelines that ought to be followed. For instance, some of them accept full story submissions, while others only accept offers at a specified period.

Some publications hardly work with writers they don’t know. Therefore, Practice the habit of commenting and liking the content of your target publishers once in a while. This habit will get you noticed as you pitch your ideas to them.

Once you make a deal, decide on the amount you are willing to accept. Most publications will pay you per word or article. As a beginner, you can start on a freelance basis, but once you establish a rapport, the company might even pay for your travel needs to find more interesting stories.

Learn the Art of Taking Professional Photographs

While many publications will cater to professional photography, taking exciting photos can add additional context to writing. Additionally, as you uncover new and unique subjects; you serve to inspire and capture your creative imaginations

Have interpersonal skills

Along with having language and creativity mechanics, interpersonal skills- such as perseverance, resilience, verbal communication, and assertiveness, among others, will boost your chances of becoming a successful travel writer.

According to Pratchet, who is an award-winning Science author, “The best research you can do is to talk to people.”

As a travel writer, you will always be working even as you play. Your job will entail interviewing challenging artists and locals. You will need to be tactful when handling people, especially on controversial topics.

Now and then, you will be working under strict deadlines with editors, and you will have to research late at night. Sometimes it may be challenging to get everything correctly the first time, hence numerous revisions from your editors. You may also wonder whether your work will pay off in the long run, but you need not beat yourself down. Do your best and wait, for patience is a virtue.

Finally, Get ready for rejection

The more often you submit your proposals, story pitches to publications, and content mills, the more rejection you encounter. Interestingly, it does not require hundreds of clients to hire you. Landing one lucrative client is enough to make your travel career a success.


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