Stay on Top of the Latest Salon Trends for Women

Salon Trends

Salon services around the world came to a complete halt during the pandemic years. The world had probably never seen anything like it before. But salons and other service industry outlets were quick to respond to the challenge. Most brick-and-mortar salons shifted to mobile and at-home setups. You could get the same services that you got at a salon but in the comfort of your home.

The trend of getting services from a women’s salon at home in Dubai was one of the most noticeable in the ever-changing salon industry trends. Women in the UAE and all around the world still prefer an at-home salon service even after the pandemic. The salon industry is back up and normal but there are many new trends and salon services need to play catch up with them all. Here are some of the trends that are catching pace because of public demand.

#1: Mobile Salon Services

The pandemic made us look at salons with a completely new eye. In the post-pandemic world, no one wants to go to a salon if they can get the same service at home. That is why many salons are now looking into mobile setups. A truck can be transformed into a mobile salon and meet customers right in their driveway or garage. They are getting very popular all over the world because of how quick and convenient they are. Not only do you avoid the commute, you also save time from the salon rush.

Mobile salons are great for salon business owners as well. Because they don’t take a lot of investment to set up and also offer free marketing opportunities. Wherever you take your salon truck, it can create new potential leads and increase brand recognition.

#2: Pre-Booking

Most salons have now stopped taking walk-in clients and you need to pre-book your services. The main reason behind this might have been the pandemic and the restriction on the maximum number of people in a closed space. But the trend continues because it has made salon operations a lot smoother. Customers can avoid a rush if they choose to book an appointment well before time. Moreover, as the salon isn’t overcrowded, the staff can pay more attention to detail.

#3: Salons as a Social Hub

Salons are largely beginning to become a social hub and a place to relax for many women. When a client goes to a salon, they need pampering and a satisfying experience. Moreover, Gen Z sees salons as a place to go with friends and get services together. So, many salon spaces are redesigning their spaces to welcome social interactions. There might be a chic waiting room with great coffee, magazines, and social games. The more welcoming a salon space is, the more clients it can attract. Salons could be the new coffee houses because you can spend some time with friends or family and also get to pamper yourself.

#4: Digitalization Trend

Almost all business sectors are entering the digital world, and so are salons. Most people would prefer using their phones to book appointments instead of calling the salon. So, many of these salons now have mobile apps and websites for customer management. You can book appointments, check updated service charges, get a feel of the salon space, and so much more online. Salons are also using these apps to get and store customer data so that it becomes easier to reach them about new deals and services.

The digitalization trend is not just a convenience, it is a need of the hour. It can help salons effectively improve the customer experience. Clients can provide feedback when they leave, access complete booking history, manage specific preferences, get appointment reminders, and also make special requests.

#5: Keeping Up with Social Media Trends

Salons are now a lot more than just a place to get your hair cut. The beauty trends keep changing and the salons have to change with them. Celebrities are constantly talking about new beauty trends, the best facial spa in LA, and exciting new nail art designs. So, in order to meet the public demand, salons need to constantly update their services. Most larger salons now offer neon hair colors, chemical peels, hair treatments, scalp scrubs, vampire or red-carpet facials, etc. So, salons are constantly updating based on the ever-changing social media-inspired beauty trends.

#6: Retail Cosmetic Products

Many salons are now also in the retail business. Procuring high-end makeup and self-care products are not easy and you may not always get what you want. So, many salons sell post-care products in retail as well. This includes makeup products, hair care, after-care products after getting salon treatments, etc. Not only can this increase revenue for the salon business but it is also very convenient for customers as well.


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