Jeff Timmer’s Son Accident – Mekbul Timmer Found Dead


The world has been left in shock following the tragic news of Jeff Timmer’s son Mekbul Timmer being found dead. The sudden and unexpected loss of a young life is always heartbreaking, especially when it comes as a result of an accident. As we grieve with the family during this difficult time, we reflect on the preciousness of life and how quickly everything can change. In this blog post, we delve into what happened to Mekbul and explore ways to cope with grief and loss during such trying times. Join us as we pay tribute to a life that was taken too soon.

Mekbul Timmer’s accident and death

On December 15, Mekbul Timmer was found dead in his car after an accident. The accident occurred when Timmer’s car collided with a tree. Timmer was pronounced dead at the scene.

This is a tragic story and our thoughts are with Jeff Timmer and his family during this difficult time.

Jeff Timmer’s reaction to his son’s death

It was early in the morning when Jeff Timmer got a call from the police. His son, Mekbul, had been in a car accident and was found dead at the scene. As a father, Jeff was devastated. He couldn’t believe that his son was gone.

Jeff remembered Mekbul as a happy and outgoing young man. He was always making people laugh and was always up for a good time. Mekbul loved life and lived it to the fullest. He was always trying new things and taking risks. That’s what made him such a great son.

Even though Jeff is grieving, he finds comfort in knowing that Mekbul lived life to the fullest. He knows that Mekbul is in a better place now and that he will never be forgotten.

How the accident happened

Jeff Timmer’s son, Mekbul, was found dead early Sunday morning after an apparent accident. Mekbul was last seen Saturday night at a party with friends. His body was found in a wooded area near the party site.

The cause of death has not been determined, but foul play is not suspected. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Mekbul was a student at Central Michigan University and was majoring in psychology. He is survived by his parents, Jeff and April Timmer, and his sister, Jordan.

The investigation into Mekbul Timmer’s death

The investigation into Mekbul Timmer’s death is ongoing. However, preliminary reports indicate that he was found dead in his car after apparently crashing into a tree. Investigators are still working to determine the exact cause of death and the circumstances surrounding the accident.

What Jeff Timmer plans to do next

Since the death of his son, Jeff Timmer has been trying to figure out what to do next. He has considered various options, but has not yet come to a decision. Here are some of the things he is considering: Find more

1. Starting a foundation in Mekbul’s memory
2. Becoming an advocate for change in the way child safety is handled
3. Writing a book about his experience
4. Speaking out publicly about what happened and how it could have been prevented
5. Helping other families who have gone through a similar tragedy


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