Is it right for you? Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


With a Green Belt certification, individuals can get some great career opportunities in a varying range of positions at a broad range of companies all over the world. However, nowadays, more and more organizations are adopting the flexible performance optimization methods of Lean Six Sigma. That’s why a Green Belt certification is a perfect asset to have in the current job market.

Green Belts understand the language of Lean Six Sigma deeper into the organization, driving culture change in how the organization analyzes the problems and how to solve them.

Six Sigma Green belt Certification

To become a Green Belt certified professional, candidates usually go through a training and certification process that covers a body of knowledge, exams and quizzes, and a project for real-world application. Green Belts should be proficient with the DMAIC methodology (Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control) and with the principles of Six Sigma, as well as in-process mapping, root-cause analysis, and basic statistical analysis.

Prerequisites are needed to enroll in the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program.

The prerequisites required are basic math, project management, and communication and leadership skills. 

What requirements must a candidate meet to complete the program?

The Green Belt curriculum must be completed through the classroom course. Blended programs are also available. 

To earn the certification, candidates must:

Pass all quizzes and exams.

Complete one real workplace improvement project and submit your stats for review to Sprintzeal.

Role of a Green Belt Certification holder

Today’s Green Belt practitioners need to be well-versed in using Lean methods for process improvement activities. With Lean and Six Sigma together. It becomes a powerful combination for improving process performance and instilling continuous improvement throughout your organization.

Green Belt professionals are also instrumental in spreading the methods of Lean Six Sigma while discussing processes, data, maps, and metrics throughout the organization. They become like local advocates who strive for improvement efforts through data-driven decision-making and increasing the number of employees positively affected by Lean Six Sigma. Helping this endeavor, Green Belt professionals also benefit from change leadership and facilitation skills.

If you’re thinking of getting your Green Belt or looking to train and certify your team, then Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program offers an unparalleled experience. The Lean Methods Group is a trusted partner to corporations, organizations, and individuals around the world. 

What makes the Six Sigma Lean certification different?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training provides personalized attention to each candidate. Therefore, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification is the best choice for building your problem-solving skills. The Lean Methods Group’s emphasis on real-world project work and individualized coaching leads to personal growth and business success. 

Professionals with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification have reached a remarkable point in the scale of Lean Six Sigma certification programs. According to ISIXSIGMA, a Six Sigma Green Belt is an employee who has been “trained on the improvement methodology of Six Sigma and will lead a process improvement or quality improvement team as part of their full-time job.”

Career Paths for Six Sigma Green Belts 

A professional who holds the Green Belt certification requires to fully understand the basic principles of Six Sigma. They should also be able to apply the Six Sigma principles regularly to their work. A Green Belt professional is eligible for positions like mid-to upper-level project managers, consultants, manufacturing engineers, and process engineers.  

Given the fact that Six Sigma has proven effective in the improvement of business processes in various fields, there are various career paths available for Green Belt certified professionals. There are more and more companies looking for candidates. Those who are capable of applying Six Sigma principles in order to fill a broad range of positions. 

Moreover, the highest levels of positions of leadership are usually for Black Belts and Master Black belts. But, the Six Sigma Green Belt certification has its own value. It gives the certification holders an advantage over others. When it comes to job positions that need advanced process management skills. So, not just that, the certification prepares you for higher certification levels. The Black Belt and Master Black Belt if you decide to pursue executive leadership positions in the future.


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