Is 32 Inch Monitor Good For Gaming?

Is 32 Inch Monitor Good For Gaming?

Does the size of a monitor matter when it comes to gaming? Of course, it does. Any gamer can confirm to you that size matters a lot in terms of the monitor. By the way, some gamers use a TV to play their games with their gaming CPU. While it can be playable, it won’t give you the same experience as the person that uses a gaming monitor. Why is it so? Generally, a gaming monitor is very different from regular TV.

But this post is not about who is the winner between the two. Rather, we shall be talking more about the monitors for gaming. Which size is available out there and which is the best?

Generally, there are many monitor sizes, but today we’ll focus on the 32-inch monitor. How does this monitor deliver, should you get it for your gaming?

The 32-Inch Gaming Monitor

This monitor is as big as a TV because it is measured just as TVs are measured. A TV is measured diagonally, and so is a monitor. So, when you have this baby at home, someone might even confuse it with a TV.

But then again, you probably haven’t seen a 32-inch monitor because they are not too common on the market. Generally, most people prefer using the 24 inches monitors or maybe the 27 inches. But the 32-inch monitor takes it a step further.

This screen is large and it offers an incredible gaming experience. While most monitors out there come with resolutions from 720p, the massive 32-inch monitors start from 1080p to 4K. So yes, you will be experiencing a superlative visual delivery with this monitor.

Is it Good For Gaming?

Well, there is no reason not to get a large screen for gaming purposes. However, there’s but. If you are getting this monitor, you will need to consider some factors. Let’s explore them, shall we?

  • The Placement

How close or how far do you intend to place the monitor? If you have a large desk that can hold the monitor far from you, then you would enjoy playing your game with a 32-inch monitor for gaming. The further the monitor is placed, the better your visual experience. However, if it is within a few inches from your face, you might not enjoy the display. Plus, it can cause some serious eye damage when the monitor is too close.

So yes, place the 32-inch monitor far enough. Preferably, place the monitor around 1.2meters or 3.94 feet away from you. This distance should be enough to give you a good viewing point without being too harsh on your eyes.

  • The Gaming Graphics

What do you intend to play on the monitor? Any gamer should understand that each game comes with different graphics. Some have high graphics/resolutions, which means that they will need a good monitor to display the graphics accordingly. If your monitor has a 720p resolution and you are playing a 4K resolution game, the experience will not be as interesting as that. Plus, the screen might fail to display the game as it’s supposed to.

Since most gaming monitors come with a resolution of 1080p to 4K, it makes them a perfect choice for a game with such high graphics. Some of the games that would be perfect to play on a 32-inch 4K monitor include Shadow of the Tomb Raider, God of War, Forza Horizon 4, Marvel’s Spider-Man, or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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So, a 32-inch gaming monitor would suit you best if you are playing a 4K game. Remember that the console or PC must also have the capability of playing the 4K game. Twitch Overlay is another good option as it gives an outer layer mask to your stream.

  • For Multiple-Players

If you find it better to play with your buddies on your favorite video games, you should always go for the 32-inch gaming monitor. Yes, you can opt for online gaming, but you will need to have a super-fast internet connection. But when your buddies come at home and you want to enjoy some gaming time, it will be time to be hooked on your gaming monitor. Here is where some people connect the CPU to the TV. But since you have a large 32-inch monitor, you can easily play with your boys without having to switch the screens.

The 32-inch screen is large enough to let you enjoy gaming on it without straining.

  • To Match Your High-End CPU

If you have a CPU with high specs, you will also need a monitor that can match those specs. Yes, a 24 or 27-inch monitor can still match the high-end CPU. However, it is all about the beast meeting a fellow beast. So, a high-performance CPU would go perfectly with the 32-inch monitor for gaming.

Get the Right 32-Inch Monitor

Yes, we have specified that a 32-inch monitor for gaming is perfect for UHD games. But, you will have to be choosy as you step out to pick one. The point here is to find the right monitor with the perfect specs that can display impeccable graphics. With many top-rated 32-inch monitors for gaming, you must ensure that you go with the right unit.

Consider stuff like the resolution, the features, ease of use, power consumption, as well as connectivity. A good gaming monitor should consume a lot of power because you will be playing on it for many hours. It should also be easy to use without any complications.

Furthermore, ensure that it has a ray of helpful features/menu to let you customize your visual settings as you wish. If possible, the monitor should be connectable to other consoles other than the CPU.

Long story short, a 32-inch gaming monitor can perfectly deliver your gaming experience. However, you must ensure that you place it at the correct viewing point and angle. It shouldn’t be too close to your face.

The main issue here is to go with the right monitor from a recognized brand. Also, ensure that the monitor comes with a warranty to give you some assurance.


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