iPhone 13 pro max drop test: still need a case?

iPhone 13 pro

As we know, iPhones are the most demanding phone out of many across the globe. It is known as a symbol of luxury. These iPhones are strong enough to withstand the fall and any harsh conditions. However, you need the best iphone 13 pro max cover case to protect it from other damage. This way, you can increase the survival rate of the phone, and also, it will be like a new forever with the cover on.

Further, the Allstate protection plans conducted drop test rounds for all the models of iPhones. In this round, the iPhone 13 pro max eventually passed the drop round as it withstood the fall challenge. The team has put together all the iPhones and drop one by one from the height of the table to the concrete floor. The iPhone 13 pro max has nearly sustained the fall from the table. In this case, you still need a cover throughout your life.

Since the iPhone 13 pro max proved its durability, you still need the case in order to make it safer and more long-lasting. For this purpose, let’s discuss some areas where you need an iPhone cover. You can take a look below:

  • Enhance the survival rate:

     Yes, if you use the iPhone cover, you can increase its shelf life, and it can be with you long life. As we know, the iPhone has passed the drop test. Still, you can get its case so that you can use keep it safe. We have a habit of keeping our phones in our pockets or handbag. In this case, the phone endures the in and out movements multiple times in a day, and this way, it can be damaged with scratches and other breakage, so, here, you must buy a phone case to prevent these dire situations.

  • Keep safe:

     If still, you have not gotten the iPhone case, buy it as soon as possible as it keeps your iPhone 13 pro max safe and sound from harsh circumstances such as if you have kids at home, a pet, or any dire situation, the phone may get attacked by them at any time. Here, if your phone does not have a protection cover, it may damage easily. So, to prevent these situations, you must carry the iPhone case with you to enhance its durability. In the end, iPhone 13 max pro is strong, but the conditions are not phone friendly. So, investing in a phone case is a must-buy.

  • Keeps you stress-free

    : When you buy a case for your iPhone, you can also buy yourself stress-free days. You can comfortably keep your phone anywhere without the worry of getting damaged. Sometimes, we do some activities in which the phone may get scratches and other damage. Here, if we get the phone case, we can manage to keep stress free. This way, you can stay relaxed from the side of your phone and enjoy the day properly. So, getting an attractive iPhone 13 pro max case is a good idea to feel comfortable and keep the phone safe.

  • Convenient to use

    : If we talk about the durability of the iPhone 13 pro max, it is satisfactory enough compared to other phones. But, sometimes, when we use any phone without a cover or a case, it can be challenging to handle as it may slip down from the hands and form other surfaces. In that case, if we use the phone case, they protect against the slip. It is the most comfortable way to escape from these kinds of situations. So, if you want to use your iPhone 13 pro max conveniently, you must get these cases for your iPhone.

  • Keeps you trendy:

     Another reason to get an iPhone 13 max pro case is to look fashionable, as various companies provide lucrative and stylish phone covers at affordable rates. And they look so fabulous while putting on the phones. You can find all types of phone cases in various colors, such as girlish phone covers, kids, and others that showcase masculinity. It is up to you whichever you choose according to your style that suits your ensemble. For this purpose, you need to explore the best iPhone case vendor in order to get a suitable case. So, you can look at Million Cases for desired iPhone 13 pro max cover.


As we know, the iPhones are the best and most reliable in terms of durability. Many people believe that the iPhones provide them with a luxury vibe. Further, even though the iPhones are strong enough to face all the falls, you still need a case to make them more durable and sturdy to survive in harsh situations efficiently. So, you can buy your favorite iPhone case from Million Cases as it provides you with all types of cases at the best deals.


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