Introduction To KUKA Industrial Robots.


KUKA robotics is originally German company but now it’s owned by China’s Midea Group & are one of most popular industrial robots. KUKA Robotics produces a large variety of Articulated Robots for a lot of manufacturing industrial applications. KUKA keeps a large inventory of new spare-parts of KUKA robots.

Basic Applications of KUKA Robots.

KUKA Robotics produces its line of robots in many shapes & sizes in for the most toughest applications. Many of KUKA robots are used for a variety of tasks like spot welding, in automobile plants & a large number of applications. KUKA Robotics made robots are capable of multiplexed tasks & are also capable of material removal. A KUKA robot wrist can be fitted with a variety of EOAT to handle a lot of Industrial applications.

Different Kinds of KUKA Robots

KUKA Robotics manufactures different types of robots but their main specialty is Articulated Robots known as Industrial Robots. Many KUKA six axis robots working range is Workable with max. Payloads. KUKA robots are also available in small payloads e.g., SCARA Robots for variable tasks as well as delta robots for other tasks. With very advanced collaborative robots which work in the field of robot assisted painting job. KUKA Small robots are also there for a variety of works as well as long reach robots capable of long reaching capability.

KUKA Robots Selective Price plans.

In contrast to other famous robots manufacturers KUKA robots price is very variable according to their technical specifications range for an old model to the most latest model. KUKA Robots with a Variable payload Capacity between 100 to 300 Kg’s price is roundabout US$15,000 which are very versatile & latest models. The KUKA Industrial robots are mostly known in the market due to their too much use in Automobiles Production. Most of the KUKA robots are available in the market for below $25,000 including such models one can imagine because Seeing is Believing. 

Purchasing a Heavy Duty KUKA Robot

Purchasing a slightly used KUKA robot is a cost effective way for the user. As there are hundreds of industrial robots in the market for sale manufactured by other Robotic Competitors offering a wide range of style, size & variable payloads. So purchasing a KUKA industrial robot is a very wise idea as KUKA has a large inventory of multi task robots. KUKA robots are also such models for specific mobility other than Industrial Performance.  So in other words especially KUKA industrial robots can cost effectively & more efficiently meet most of our Robotic Needs.  


2: Introduction To KUKA industrial Robots Accessories/Parts & Their Maintenance.    

As KUKA robots are considered as amongst the most Durable industrial robots in the all over the world, so for a Perfect KUKA industrial robot it needs to be on periodic timing inspected. So to get the maximum benefits of KUKA robots they have to be kept in their top class condition. So an industrial robot needs periodic & regular maintenance permanently.

Doing regular maintenance at specific intervals totally ensures a KUKA industrial robot best functionality all the time while it is put to an industrial task.

When we carry out a preventative maintenance in routine of a KUKA Industrial Robot, we have to following 7 highly recommended workouts.

Inspect the cables and connectors of the teach pendant to ensure they are intact,

Regularly update the software version of the teach pendant to access the latest features 

Inspect the cables and connectors of the robot, ensuring secure connections without any signs of wear or breakage.

Periodically calibrate the sensors and encoders of the robot to maintain accuracy and precision

Periodically inspect the fans and heat sinks of the control system, removing dust and debris to ensure proper heat dissipation.

Regularly back up the robot’s programs and parameter settings to prevent data loss.

Inspect the cables and connectors of the safety system, ensuring they are intact.

So Full maintenance of KUKA industrial robot will help in avoiding heavy repairs, disruptions during Working & composite operating problems.

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KUKA robots especially KUKA Industrial Robots have the most complicated parts which often get partially or fully damaged due to the heavy & continuous usage e.g., a robot Teach Pendant used for KKA robot software programming or testing when a robot is set to Teach Mode. Specialized Servo Motors which play a very pivotal role in robotic working as a KUKA industrial robot has 6 to maximum 9 servo motors. Sometime a servo motor gets damaged due to excessive use. 

The robot’s joints and drive system are responsible for realizing the robot’s movement. They usually consist of motors, reducers, transmissions and joint connections. These components can be damaged by frequent movement, high loads, wear or lack of lubrication. So whatever is there is present to for its cliental everywhere, anywhere & anytime with the best warranty one can expect from a robot services provider with extended warranty & also free spare-parts advice. is the largest store in one place for all types of industrial robots spare-parts. So be assured that you are having a lifelong experience after dealing in spare-parts. So simply give a try to for any kind of spare-parts needs.   


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