Introducing the Bitcoin Equaliser Trading Platform 


Bitcoin Equaliser is a new exchange platform in the crypto space. Although still relatively new, the bitcoin trading platform has received positive user reviews regarding reputation, customer service, performance, fees, security, and payment options.  

The trading marketplace relies on an intelligent algorithm to manage crypto transactions, thus providing users with various benefits, such as easy trades, simple navigation, and enhanced wallet management.  

In addition, the platform gives users access to an advanced monitoring system that tracks market trends and gathers market data on the most lucrative trading opportunities.  

In the right hands, Bitcoin Equaliser can become a real-time moneymaking machine and an intuitive investor tool for generating a steady stream of passive income. Let’s delve deeper into what you need to know about the platform. 

What is a Bitcoin Equaliser trading platform?  

Although the word ’’platform’’ stands in its name, Bitcoin Equaliser (BE) is a cryptocurrency trading robot or bot that offers to handle and manage crypto transactions on behalf of traders. Such a trading bot can save you time, effort, and resources in identifying the most lucrative crypto exchange opportunities while offering safety and security.  

Since the bot operates on an intuitive algorithm, it can browse and monitor thousands of marketplaces and exchange platforms to gather up-to-date crypto data and present the most profitable trading options.  

However, since BE follows the example of the most reputable trading platforms, such as Finixio AI, it performs technical, financial, and fundamental assessments using market analytics to provide traders with highly accurate market evaluations.  

These insights are critical to making informed trading decisions and assessing the associated risk. BE is also an excellent crypto platform for people new to this type of trade due to its user-friendly interface, high accuracy rate, and exceptional security.  

Instead of wasting hours on market research, you can use BE to analyze the market, identify opportunities in your budget range, set your trading terms, and conduct a transaction at the right moment. The platform supports trading in Bitcoin and other cryptos. 

Key Bitcoin Equaliser features 

Here’s a quick overview of essential BE features so you can set your expectations straight. 

Auto trade 

BE uses an AI-powered trading algorithm to perform advanced analysis before approving a crypto trade.  

It automatically browses global marketplaces and collects relevant data that provide accurate insights into the cryptocurrency perspective, including its price fluctuations, latest trends, and most recent coin-related trades.  

Armed with all these details, traders can make all the right moves at the right moment to reap top revenues in a matter of seconds. 


One of the essential features of a trading platform is a quick and secure payout option. BE excels in this area. However, you must go through a BE trading dashboard to submit your request for getting paid.  

Payouts also require meeting all the AML and KYC requirements and filling in valid financial information about the bank account. Aside from quick withdrawals, BE has no restrictions regarding withdrawal times. 

Verification system 

BE takes user security very seriously, which is why every trader must complete a strict verification process before they start trading. This process requires filling out a form with the following details: 

  • Your name; 
  • Valid email address; 
  • Strong password. 

These details allow a trader to create an account on the platform and verify the terms and conditions. After that, the platform redirects them directly to a regulated broker that will ask for proof of identification to complete the registration and set up a payment/bank account.  

While this might be overkill, it’s necessary to ensure the trader’s security. Because of that, they must provide proof of a valid ID or driver’s license, including the latest bank statement or utility bill. The verification process takes about 10 minutes, but it is for the greater good. 

Deposits and withdrawals 

Deposit and withdrawal payment methods and maximum/minimum vary from platform to platform. BE enables auto trading for every user who deposits a minimum of $250 into their trading accounts.  

Traders have various deposit methods at their disposal: 

  • SEPA transfer 
  • Wire transfer 
  • PayPal 
  • Skrill 
  • Mastercard 
  • Visa 
  • Debit cards 

Another perk of using BE is no withdrawal limits. However, a broker might handle a withdrawal and condition a trader with a possible limit. Since there are no time limits, traders can make multiple withdrawals whenever they want. BE processes deposits instantly, but withdrawals take 24-48 hours. 


BE charges no additional costs or hidden fees for withdrawals, deposits, or trades. Traders must pay an affordable fee for winning trades, and the platform takes a small percentage of the profits made by the trading bot. 

Bitcoin Equaliser pros and cons 


  • User-friendly, intuitive interface; 
  • Smart trading algorithm; 
  • Quick verification process; 
  • Free version to test the platform; 
  • Multiple crypto trading options; 
  • No withdrawal/deposit fees; 
  • Responsive customer support; 
  • Flexible trading parameters; 
  • Military-grade security encryption. 


  • Limited crypto options; 
  • No mobile version; 
  • Some information on the platform might be vague; 
  • Account verification requires a phone call; 
  • Timely registration; 
  • No social crypto community. 


Bitcoin Equaliser is a legit, safe, secure, and user-friendly crypto trading platform that guarantees high profitability potential at low risk. Most traders worry about the security of their trading sessions. However, BE excels at securing your transactions and data by conducting all transactions in real time and under the watchful eye of the most advanced, AI-powered trading algorithm. We took our time to go through professional user reviews. After careful consideration, we can safely conclude that Bitcoin Equaliser provides users with adequate protection, intuitive trading options, and advanced risk management. 


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