Ingrid Quinn Life, Marriage with David Boreanaz, Net Worth 2022


Ingrid Quinn Life

Ingrid Quinn is known as the ex-wife of American actor David Boreanaz. She is a social worker by profession, but she got famous after her marriage to David.

Their divorce was in the spotlight of the media and drew a lot of attention.  Keep reading the article and find out facts about Ingrid and why the couple got divorced.

Early Life of Ingrid Quinn

Ingrid Quinn was born in the United States. She has American nationality with Caucasian ethnicity. Ingrid is very secretive about her early life, so there is no available information about her birthday, parents, or siblings. Also, facts about her educational background she kept to herself.

Before she met David, Ingrid was working as a social worker for a lot of different organizations. While she was married, she didn’t work, but after the divorce, she continued her job.

Marriage with David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz is a famous actor who built a significant career. He is known for his roles in Aspen Extreme, Married with Children, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, American Dad, Family Guy, Baby Blues, etc. During his career, he got awarded several times.

In June 1997, Ingrid got married to a popular actor David Boreanaz. The love birds started to date in 1994. At that time, David was struggling with his career, but Ingrid was his support. For the interview with E! Online, he stated that Ingrid is his most significant support and that she is fierce. Also, he mentioned that she is Irish.

The problems in marriage started when David got too close to the cast members of the show Angel and Buffy. As the show progressed, he had to work three to four nights per week. Ingrid even started to come on a set of Angel to check up on him, as she was very jealous. David didn’t like to be controlled, so that caused issues in their marriage. They got separated, and soon after, David filed for a divorce. The reason that he mentioned was an irreconcilable difference. The couple didn’t have children together.

One year after the divorce, David got married again to Jaime Bergman. Ingrid never gave any interviews about the husband’s second marriage.

Currently, Ingrid is not in a relationship.

Ingrid Quinn Net Worth 2022

Ingrid has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand, which she earned from her strong position as a social worker. Her ex-husband’s net worth is $30 million.


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