Indicators To Measure Your Company’s Sustainability


Going eco-friendly is on the pace now. Every business is making efforts to produce less negative
effects on the environment. In the current times, it is extremely important to be eco-friendly but
how do you measure the sustainability of your business?

At first, it is important to understand that there are three different criteria to explain the
sustainability of any company/business, namely economic, social and environmental. So, keep in
mind that going sustainable is not confined to the environmental impact, but it is also about the
social and economic effects that your company produces.

Key performance indicators measure the sustainability of the company. And after knowing the
indicators, you can take the help of the industrial shredding services to achieve the target of
your company’s sustainability. So, let’s get going with knowing the top four indicators to
measure the sustainability of your company.


– The sustainable efforts of the company should respect the rules and
the national or international standards. For instance – A key performance indicator might become
the cause of fines.


– What environmental effects does your company produce? Do you follow
any regulations for protecting the employees and the environment? How many accidents occur at

your organization? Having the answers to these questions will give you a clear picture of the
social and environmental effects of your organization.

Supply chain

– The whole product life cycle and supply chain of the product
determines the effectiveness of the company in terms of sustainability. Starting from the choice
of raw material to the final disposal, sustainability depends immensely on your company’s
efforts. That is why it is important to check whether the suppliers are using renewable sources of
energy or not. Additionally, check how much carbon dioxide is produced by moving the products
and whether the products can be recycled or not. You can easily opt for paper and cardboard
recycling to make a good impact on the environment. It will also enhance the outlook of people
towards your company.

Sustainable system

– How the company makes efforts in terms of social context
determines the sustainability of your organization. It explains the strength of the national and
international relationships with their impact on the local territory. This is the indicator that also
tells the impact on the life quality of the employees and the local community.

Considering the above-mentioned indicators with the help of accurate analysis can help your
company reach great heights. In this way, you can also develop a critical viewpoint toward the
sustainability of your business. It will help in developing a good balance among social,
environmental, and economic areas of the company and hence reach a good balance.

To make a long story short

As our world is facing environmental issues, it becomes the need of the hour to adopt some
sustainable measures to contribute to the environment. So, keep the above-mentioned indicators
in mind, measure the sustainability of your company and take the needed steps to help the
environment as much as possible. Because the quality of the resources will determine the ease of
life of the coming generations.


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