‘In New York with my baby’: Dumisani Dlamini finally meets Doja Cat?


It’s no secret that Doja Cat and her dad Dumisani Dlamini have an unconventional relationship, having never met in person before…up until now, the latter has hinted

Doja – real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dumisani – has been vocal about not knowing her actor and musician father, who hails from Mzansi.

But the former Isibaya actor has hinted that he may have finally bridged the gap between him and the star.


Despite being previously chastised for boasting about his daughter, Dumisani Dlamini continues to post videos and pics of Doja Cat on his Instagram account.

The local star gushed over his daughter in another post this week. In the clip- taken from a 2019 interview following a concert in Las Vegas – Doja Cat is seen chatting about her dad.

The interviewer surprises the singer with an old cassette that reveals her father’s music roots. Doja reacts in surprise, saying: “I didn’t know that! Damn! Produced by my dad Dumisani Dlamini”.

The comment section was filled with fans praising the star for acknowledging her dad – and nailing her pronunciation of his name. But like before, one follower accused Dumisani Dlamini of neglecting his family after impregnating Doja Cat’s mother Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer years ago.

The follower added: “You ran away to the edge of the world and married 3 women had 30 children. Deborah was struggling to pay her rent with your OWN children. You aren’t fooling anyone”.

But Dumisani Dlamini clapped back, hinting he was with his daughter Doja Cat in New York.

He responded to the troll: “Take your medication and relax. I am in New York with my baby ok”


In a 2017 interview with Tshisalive, Dumisani Dlamini attempted to set the record straight about his relationship with Doja Cat.

Explaining how he fathered the star, Dumisani revealed he had remained in New York for another 15 years after starring in the Broadway musical Voices of Sarafina alongside Leleti Khumalo and Mbongeni Ngema.

The actor revealed that had then met Deborah and fathered two children with her, one of them being Doja Cat.

However, Dumisani claimed he returned to South Africa after experiencing “homesickness”. He also claimed that he planned to bring his US family back to South Africa – a move which never materialised. 

Dumisani also shot down claims he had a strained relationship with Doja Cat and his other children. He told the publication: “I am close to my kids, all of them. I love them and they love me.


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