How To Wash Your Face Without Wrecking Your Skin?


Everyone loves to have flawless skin, especially on their face. The skin on your face is one area you should take extra care to protect. It’s possible that cleaning your face is a mindless routine that takes next to no effort on your side. However, not washing your face in the correct method damages your skin. It takes work to do it right, but the results are well worth it. When you cleanse your skin thoroughly, you eliminate impurities like dirt, dead skin cells, makeup, and other debris that may block pores and make your skin seem dull. Cleaning your face correctly requires more than a casual glance in the mirror. Proper execution and using the right best natural chemical free face wash determine whether or not your skin is glowing or damaged.

Steps to Wash Your Face without Wrecking Your Skin:

1) Wash Your Hands Well Before Washing Your Face: Even if you don’t feel like it, wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face. Bacteria may transfer from your hands to your body whenever you touch anything unclean, such as a phone or a door handle. Also, if you don’t wash your hands before touching your face, you might spread germs and grime that cause common skin issues, including acne, eczema, and blackheads. So remember to wash your hands well before touching your face to remove bacteria or germs.

2) Remove Any Makeup: Using a cleanser won’t be enough to remove your makeup. Makeup residue will still be present on your face if you choose not to use a makeup remover. Over time, residual makeup may trigger wrinkles and acne. Therefore, cosmetics, especially eye makeup, should be removed before face wash begins. Instead of using face wipes, try an eye makeup remover that contains oil. BlushBee’s Organic Micellar water Makeup remover will remove all the makeup, grime, and oil from your face. Wipes are great for removing dirt and makeup from the face, but they cannot replace a proper natural face cleanser.

3) Select and Use the Appropriate Cleanser: If you use the wrong cleanser, you might disturb the equilibrium of your skin’s pH. Your skin is at its healthiest at a pH of 5.5. This level is the sweet spot for the pH of the skin’s acid mantle, a thin protective layer that helps keep harmful bacteria, toxins, and other invaders at bay. Your skin type and skin problems will dictate the formulation you choose. Go for a mild cleanser like Vilvah’s Honey Fix Face Cleanser enriched with honey, blackberry, papaya, and orange peel that won’t strip your face of its natural oils after use and will provide a radiant glow. A body soap bar might be too harsh for your face and is best avoided.

4) Apply the Cleanser to Your Skin with a Gentle Massage: While some may prefer a washcloth, it is not the most effective tool for removing makeup and dirt from the face. Scrubbing your skin with a washcloth might cause itching and redness. Instead, apply the cleanser to your hands and gently massage it into your skin. Rub your face softly for no more than a minute. Furthermore, a minute of gentle facial massage may increase your skin’s oxygen and blood supply by stimulating your lymphatic system. Avoid irritation by not smearing on a natural face wash for too long.

5) Make Sure the Water is at the Proper Temperature: Hot water can cause skin tightness, which would have the opposite effect desired. That’s because both hot and cold water may damage your skin. Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry, while freezing water can cause your capillaries to burst. Make sure the water you use is just warm to the touch. The ideal temperature for the facial skin is lukewarm, which helps soften oil and dirt without drying out the skin.

6) You Should Pat Your Face Dry: Once you finish washing your face, how you let your face dry is also essential. Some individuals opt to massage their skin with an abrasive cloth, while others want to let their face air dry. Because rubbing your face may develop wrinkles and air-drying your face can lead to dry skin, neither of these practices is healthy for your skin. Instead, to dry your face, pat it gently with a clean, soft towel. Do not use a soiled towel on your face since this will spread germs.

7) Ensure the Application of Moisturizer and Toner: After washing your face with a herbal face wash, leave a moisturising cream or an overnight skin toner on your face. A facial moisturiser or toner is the best way to get baby-soft skin. Using a toner regularly may help maintain a healthy and youthful appearance on the skin of the face. Taking this step before bed can help your skin retain moisture while you sleep. Even though some individuals with very oily skin may decide to skip this step, experts strongly advise rehydrating the skin after cleansing.

8) Wash Your Face Twice a Day: To keep your pores clear of germs and dirt, you should wash your face two times a day, once in the morning before you start your day and again before you go to bed at night. Dryness and irritation might occur if you wash your face more than twice a day. Try applying a milder toner throughout the day to rejuvenate your skin if you find that oiliness continues to be an issue.

How Do You Choose the Best Facial Cleanser?

The first step in selecting a proper face wash is determining your skin type and concerns. Here are some things to remember for choosing the best organic face cleanser for your skin type:

  • For normal skin: If your skin is not sensitive, dry or oily, you have normal skin that does not have too many breakouts. However, such a skin type must be taken care of by using a face wash with a balanced pH level to ensure it keeps it soft. A neem basil face wash is very effective in keeping the skin soft and supple in the case of normal skin types.
  • For oily skin: If your skin appears greasy most of the time, then your skin is said to be oily in nature. Oily skin is prone to blackheads and pimples, which can leave marks on your skin. For such skin types, it is advised to use a foamy natural face wash that has organic ingredients like clay and carbon. Take special care about the pH levels of the face wash you choose if you have this type of skin.


It takes more than simply washing to keep your skin in its healthy form. When cleaning your face, it’s crucial to remember even the smallest of steps. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to attain the flawless and spotless skin on your face that you have always dreamed of having. Using a natural face cleanser produced from organic components is one method to provide your skin, particularly your face, with the nourishment and vitality it needs to thrive. You can shop online at Amala Earth for the best organic, sustainably-produced natural organic face wash and other items.


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