How to Vacuum Your Office?

How to Vacuum Your Office

Vacuum Your office may be the last thing on your list if you are still cleaning up or haven’t started. Your desk may need to be disinfected if you use it daily. We will walk you through the process, and your workspace will look sparkling again in no time!

Whether vacuum your office is in a separate space or the corner of your kitchen, it will collect lots of germs. Cleaning takes time that most people don’t have. If you follow these five simple steps and perform routine maintenance, your will shine in no time.

What Causes Dust at the Office?

Hair particles and fallen skin cells cause most dust in an office. However, outside forces can also be brought in through windows and items. Dust that sticks to clothes and shoes can also stick to people’s clothing and shoes. Dust can find a way in even the tightest spaces.

Because dust is almost invisible to the naked eye, we don’t often notice it when it enters our spaces. They are visible when dust particles build up on surfaces. This causes the powdery, dusty sensation we feel when we touch a surface with our hands.

How to deep-clean and declutter your workspace:

Sort and get rid of clutter

You can start by moving clockwise from one end of your workspace to the other. Take stock of everything you have and, if possible vacuum your office. Then, sort it into boxes to make it easier to clean. You probably don’t need the memos, notes and papers stacked on your desk. Each one should be sorted and shredded or filed. Look at what you consider to be “important” items. Some of your family photos, inspirational quotes, or knick-knacks may be outdated. Keep only what you feel good about right now.

Vacuum and dust

Even if the cleaning crew has already done a thorough vacuum your office, it is still a good idea for you to remove any dust left behind after you have decluttered. An electrostatic disposable duster is the best way to dust. An electrostatic disposable duster is safe for computers, monitors, lamp frames, chairs, and other surfaces. Use a paper towel to dust electronics. It can leave fibres behind, scratch sensitive surfaces, and cause damage.


Disinfect and clean hard surfaces

You can now vacuum your office and ensure it doesn’t spread around. A disinfecting wipe can be used to vacuum your office. Ensure the surface is thoroughly wetted and remains moist for at least four to five minutes. If one wipe is not enough, you can use another and let the surface air dry. You can repeat the process with drawer interiors, hardware pulls, and trays.

Check the instructions of your manufacturer to clean your keyboard and other peripherals. Turn the computer off and then flip the keyboard upside-down over a trashcan. To loosen any dust or crumbs, give it a shake. You may need a soft-bristled toothbrush or compressed air to clean between keys.


vacuum your office and decluttering can help you relax, lower your anxiety, and improve your mood. Grab your tools and get to work. A messy or cluttered house can make it difficult to focus. Be sure that your cleaning habits don’t become a burden. It’s not a good idea to solely rely on cleaning to bring order to your life.

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and cleaning up is impossible. You need other tools that can help you relax and unwind.


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