How To Upload Your Music On Spotify And Apple Music (And Earn Money)


MusicDigi makes it simple to upload your album on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, and other streaming services. You can start earning dollars from the music as soon as possible. Just create an account and upload your music. Add artwork files, release info, and choose stores you desire to distribute like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc. and you are done!

After you have uploaded the music album and provided the necessary information, the distribution gateway will upload music to Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and all the other digital services and music stores you chose. Generally, the music distribution services deliver to major platforms and more than 150 stores. 

To get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. it takes a few business days, after submission. It takes a couple of days to review your albums and then deliver them straight to the chosen stores. 

Ensure to upload a week before you have planned the release date. For example, if you plan to share your Christmas melodies a week before 25th December then ensure to upload it in the second week of December at the latest. 

Payout royalties from Apple Music and Spotify can take 3 months from the moment your song starts streaming. The payout from music stores is collected by the music distribution platform on your behalf. Your balance on the account is updated, which can be withdrawn to your bank account, whenever you desire. 

Music distributors offer music distribution opportunities to artists without the need for a record label. Sell your music on Amazon or Spotify and maintain freedom of 100% ownership, which is impossible with record labels. Expect to pay as low as $60 per year to upload and get your album on major streaming services and music stores.

Generation Z interacts and communicates with TikTok instantly. So, it is essential to create a short video [15 sec] and get your music on TikTok for quick sharing and promotion. 

To claim an artist profile there is a need to create a personal account. For example, after your tracks get reviewed by the music distributor, they approve and upload them on Apple Music. Now, you can claim an artist profile using your Apple ID & password. Thus you gain access to the webpage ‘Apple Music for Artists. It will offer you an idea about which songs are gaining more streams or which playlist delivers the most plays. 

You need to follow the same steps to claim the ‘Spotify for Artists or the ‘Amazon for Artists page. Claiming a profile is beneficial because you also gain a lot of advice and suggestions about customizing your music. 

To sell your music online, there is a need for a dedicated personal website. It is a place that fans will adore to visit and gain information about your songs. As an independent artist, you must make sure to not just focus on writing and recording melodies but even find unique ways to promote your album. 


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