How to Check if you’re Blocked on WhatsApp?

how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a very awesome application and currently, the most popular application that has been used by people to message their friends and others. WhatsApp values the privacy of its customers very much, which is why there is a blocked option on the application. Using this technology feature, people can block any contact on the application and prevent the person from contacting them. 

But, there is another thing that many people want to know and that is how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp. If you also want to know the same then, you should read our guide on Goknowl blogs

How can you know if you are Blocked by Someone on WhatsApp?

There are some signs and determiners that will help you in determining that you are blocked on the application by someone. So, if someone blocked me on Whatsapp how do I know can be done using these indicators? 

  • Visibility of Last Seen

 You need to check whether the last seen and the Online status of the person that you think has blocked you is visible or not. If you are not able to see the last seen as well as the online status then, there is a high chance that the said person has blocked you. 

  • Check the Display Picture

 Another method that you can use to know how to find if someone blocked my number on Whatsapp is to check the display picture of the person. If you are not able to see the profile picture then, this means that the person has blocked you on the application. 

You can also check whether the person you think has blocked you can be added to any group that you have created. If you can’t add them then, it is confirmed that you are blocked. You can also visit the website to know more on the same topic. 


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