How mobile phones are affecting our Educational system?


Now it has become a trend to carry the mobile phones in schools and colleges.
Every child use the mobile phone freely even in the class rooms. Some parents
don’t mind it at all while others think it’s immoral to carry the mobile phone with
them in schools. Now children spend more time inside the home than outside.
They prefer chatting with their friends instead of going out and play some games.
They are just bound to home.
Some people are of this idea that it should not be allowed to the students to take
phone in the schools. It affects their education because their attention is diverted.
So here we will discuss some points which will make it clear weather it is okay to
take mobile phones to schools or not?

Waste of time:

Mobile phones take our lot of time. Instead education of studying in the class children like to
spend their time on mobiles. They play games or use social media apps when the
teacher is not looking them. It also affects a child’s performance in class because
their attention is diverted and they are distracted.

Improved academic performance:

According to a survey, it is estimated that after a ban on the use of mobile
phones in the schools, their performance and their marks were improved.
Especially it is proved to be more beneficial for young generation who are below
16 years because they are mostly affected by these gadgets.

Cyber bullying:

Many people post negative comments to each other on social media apps when
they are angry. That’s why, students should focus on studies. They must prevent
all kind of distractions.
Students make fun of their teachers too on social media app which is too
humiliating. Teacher cannot get know which student is this. That’s why mobiles
should be banned.

Blessing for the poor students:

Ban on the use of mobiles in the classrooms is used to be very education  beneficial for those
students who cannot afford these gadgets. So it’s a blessing for them moreover,
those students who are average in studies or have low grades get huge benefits
from the ban on the mobile phones. These students, who used to watch movies,
shows or play games and wasted their time by chatting with friends, will now
focus on studies better.
Students spent most of their time on mobile phones. But a ban on the phones in
class will help to stop this bad habit. It will also enhance their performance.

Effect on their health:

There are many radiations secreted from the mobile phones. These radiations will
cause cancer. So the young children are likely to develop this disease in their early
life. However, this is not proven scientifically that mobile phones cause cancer or
other disease but we be must take precautions before it is too education  late, so that we
don’t get any problem in our later life. Moreover, it will affect their eyesight too.

So the conclusion is that the excess use of mobile phones is not good for the
health of the students as well as it affect the grades of the students.


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